Never Forget: America Literally Elected an African Tribesman as President

Modern Heretic
June 22, 2015

Never forget.
Never forget.

Many Whites had hoped that electing a mulatto to the presidency would be the ultimate act of negro appeasement, the undeniable proof that we’re not “races” and that the endless undeclared War on Whites could now end in an honorable surrender. Instead we got a tribal chieftain, an African “Big Man” without the physical courage or savage will but nearly as dangerous.

This jewish puppet proved a vocal enemy of White America, constantly calling for our destruction, full of a coward’s courage against a target that not only wouldn’t fight back but had begged to be hit. The pack attacks began. The cities went up in flames. Spiritual tumors experienced unprecedented growth in the body politic.

Demonic jew behind the "hope."
Demonic jew behind the “hope.”

In Africa, in the devastated all against all that is our dark future, they wait for the magic mulatto to come home. Come and bring the hand-outs and the good talk, Barry. Squint your eyes and you might think it was Detroit, or St. Louis, or Baltimore, or…

The future of the U.S.S.A.
The future of the U.S.S.A.

Washington Post:

Barack Obama Okoth was tugging at his Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, trying to remember everything he could about the man he was named after.

“He’s a follower of jew communist Saul Alinsky, right Dad? You know, an evil jew that dedicated a book to Satan?”

“He lives in America, and he’s a king,” the 7-year-old said after a long pause.

Close enough. The idea of a Democratic form of government is simply too complicated for the negro mind to comprehend. They understand naked power, often quite literally. Any kindness extended to this failed branch of humanity is seen, correctly, as weakness and earns sullen hostility, at best.

He attends Senator Barack Obama Primary School, a stop on the Barack Obama Safari Tour, near a hotel that offers a Barack Obama Suite.

Let’s go on the Soetoro Safari Tour, visiting such exotic sites as an open border, a city destroyed by the content of their character and the jews behind it all.

Thousands of tourists have come to see the village the president described in his memoir — writing that his life’s trajectory “was connected with this small plot of earth an ocean away.”

This genetic, religious and cultural alien, this communist turd whose stated goal is destruction, was elected twice. By Whites.

Next month, Obama will make his first trip to Kenya as president. If he returns to Kogelo, he’ll find a village lifted by its association with the world’s most powerful man but still wrestling with disease and poverty.

Funny how those same problems follow the negro everywhere.

“When he comes, we will present our problems,” said Edwin Okoth, Barack Obama Okoth’s father, his hands on his son’s shoulders.

“Bamma gwine get me a fone!”

 Doctor negro.
Doctor negro.

“As a country, we expected more,” said Augustus Muluvi, head of foreign policy at the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis, one of the country’s top think tanks. “We expected him to come earlier, and we expected him to come with specific programs for Kenya and East Africa. This hasn’t been the case.”

We are deeply disappointed with the lack of “gibs me dats” from the yella and his millions of White slaves. Hardworking Americans should be forced to pour money into the African rot. It’s the right thing to do.

Edwin Okoth remembers when Obama visited Kogelo in 2006 as a senator.

The tax-paying sucker funded this nonsense. Keep on paying, Whitey, you’ll get your reward in the grave.

In 2006, Obama took an HIV test here, an effort to remove the stigma from the exam.

The magical sodomite negro gets tested for GRIDS in a mud hut in the African sewer. No word on the results. Change we can believe in.

In Barack Obama Okoth’s first-grade classroom last week, there were 84 students in one room. “What’s seven plus three?” the teacher asked. She paused before choosing who to call on. “Obama,” she said. “Nine?” he said.

So much negro potential, 65 I.Q. creatures full of value. What’s 18 trillion in sin debt plus an open border and cities being destroyed by negro criminals? Obama? No, sorry, the correct answer is the death of our nation.

“Huenda akawa Obama,” croons the group Sauti Sol in Swahili in one of Kenya’s most popular songs. “Maybe you will be Obama.”

Not without 50% White ancestry and the full support of the jewish wire-pullers you won’t.

“I’m going to be a doctor,” said Barack Obama Okoth, standing outside Kogelo’s market. His father smiled.

Math wizard dreams big. We be doctor nao.