New Robert Kennedy Ad is Very Good

Robert Kennedy Jr.’s new ad, entitled “Reclaiming Democracy,” is very good.

At this point, I’m intrigued by focusing on the totalitarian aspect of the Biden Regime instead of the racial aspect. Kennedy, by the way, has also made some good statements about immigration (specifically that the empire is making it so people don’t want to live in their own countries, and this is a cause of immigration insanity), so I don’t think he is totally against the right on the racial aspect. But the totalitarianism is the reason you can’t discuss the racial aspect or anything else. The censorship and the all-out legal war against anyone who engages in dissent is the most pressing problem the right is facing in America.

Kennedy seems to me to be a genuinely good person, with genuinely good intentions. I think we could do a lot worse. While I’m still in for Trump, Kennedy would obviously be much better than DeSantis.

What I’m somewhat concerned about is that Kennedy will be denied a shot at the Democrat nomination, and then run as an independent and take more votes from Trump than from Biden (or whoever the Democrats end up running; it seems unlikely it will actually be Biden). In this situation, the Democrats would either win outright, or at least be able to plausibly fudge the numbers and claim victory. In the expected head-to-head between Trump and Biden, I’m sure there will be fraud and Biden will claim victory, and the media (including Fox News) will back him up, but it’s going to stretch credulity, and I think you’re going to see things really start to fray. If Kennedy is in the race as a third party, and they declare the Democrats the victor, it’s going to be less of a hit, as it will look plausible.

The best option, in my mind, is a Trump/Kennedy ticket. I really do not think that is very likely at all, and is actually probably impossible, but it would be the best thing for the country.

Kennedy’s Twitter is very good. He recently posted this clip of Ice Cube and Joe Rogan talking about Kennedy 24.

Ice Cube is a real nigga who rolls deep (even if he did bitch out on the Jew thing).

Frankly, I think Kennedy should consider using some kind of AI system to fix his voice. I hate to say it, but that is the biggest barrier right now. He has some voice disability from some condition, and in the mind of the average Fatmerican, this makes him seem weak.