34-Year-Old Married Mother of Two Special Needs Teacher Accused of Repeated Sex with 16-Year-Old Retard

Sandy Carazas-Pinez

But is he really retarded?

Or does he just have like, serious autism or something?

New York Post:

Classroom cameras at a costly taxpayer-funded boarding school for autistic, mentally ill and emotionally disturbed students captured a biology teacher sexually abusing a boy – but no one monitored the video, a bombshell lawsuit alleges.

Only after the student told his mom that he had sex repeatedly with Sandy Carazas-Pinez, a teacher at Biondi High School, did the principal watch the video. It showed the instructor cuddling with the 16-year-old during class and asking him torub her crotch,” the suit by the boy and his mother charges.

In July 2023, Carazas-Pinez, 34, a married mother of three who formerly taught in two city public schools, was charged criminally in Manhattan federal court with luring the teen into a sexual relationship and convincing him to appear with her on an X-rated livestream video call.

Yeah, see, that’s what you don’t want to do.

For three years, from 2020 to 2023, the NYC Department of Education, which is not named in the suit, paid Biondi for the boy’s tuition, room and board, psychological treatment, and 24-hour supervision.

The cost likely exceeded $100,000 a year, say education advocates who place DOE students with special needs in private schools funded by the city and state.

Among her many texts to the teen, the lawsuit states, Carazas-Pinez wrote, “I love that you were holding and hugging me in school,” and “I call you crazy when you try to finger me in class.”

Carazas-Pinez sent the boy nude photographs of herself and lewd text messages – including one saying she was “sore” after he gave her a “workout,” records show.

When the youth tried to stop the sexual activity, the suit says, Carazas-Pinez threatened to fail him in class or kill herself, which traumatized the teen, a schizophrenic who had attempted suicide.

My working theory is now that this “teacher on boy love affair” thing was always happening, and it is only now that these teachers are getting caught, because they insist on creating this massive digital record of the relationships.

Without the digital record, in this case all you have is a retarded boy saying he had sex with his teacher. That proves nothing.