New York: Educator Fired for Refusing to Do the Wakanda Salute at Staff Meetings

As reality continues to dissolve into a shapeless goo, it will progressively meld with the shapeless goo of modern popular culture.

We’ve seen this with the protesters in Thailand and Burma using the salute from Hunger Games. So it is logical that we would see the blacks begin to use the Wakadan salute from the black comic book film Black Panther.

New York Post:

Pledge your allegiance to “Wakanda Forever” — or else.

A veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired in part because she refused to mimic a salute to Black power from the 2018 comic-book movie “Black Panther” during superintendent meetings.

At official gatherings of high-level Department of Education bosses, then-Bronx superintendent Meisha Ross Porter often asked the group to do the arms-across-the-chest gesture of solidarity from the mythical African nation of Wakanda. The salute is considered a symbol of empowerment.

When Rafaela Espinal — a Dominican-American who describes herself as Afro-Latina — declined to join in, she “was admonished and told that it was inappropriate for her not to participate,” according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed Feb. 3 against the city DOE, Chancellor Richard Carranza and some of his top-ranking lieutenants.

Espinal was one year shy of earning a lifetime DOE pension when she was abruptly fired from her role as head of Community School District 12 in Bronx without explanation, after repeatedly refusing to do the “Wakanda Forever” salute, according to the lawsuit.

Desperate to keep her retirement benefits and health insurance, the single mom — who recently earned a doctorate — eventually accepted a humiliating demotion to school investigator, a role which requires only a high school diploma and which left her with no permanent desk or phone.

Porter, who was later elevated by Carranza to the post of “executive superintendent,” a promotion she celebrated with a lavish gala, has a Twitter timeline packed with group shots of DOE staff doing the “Wakanda Forever” salute. One shot features Carranza — who couldn’t manage to perform the gesture correctly in the pose — and Espinal.

The image showed Carranza, Porter, Espinal and others during the chancellor’s tour of the five boroughs, according to a source.

But when repeatedly asked to salute “Wakanda” at other professional meetings, Espinal felt the gesture “introduced a racial divide where there should be none,” said her lawyers, Israel Goldberg, Helen Setton and Domenic Recchia.

Surely, they would be angry at anyone who refuses to endorse this fantasy, as a means to protect their their own personal dignity.

No objective measure of black life has increased as a result of any of this Black Lives Matter revolutionary Marxist agenda. Instead, the crime in black neighborhoods has skyrocketed, including the murder rate. (But I guess it feels good to be the center of attention.)

This was always about stripping white people of their dignity.

If Afro-Latinas refuse to do the salute, well, they’re traitors to Wakanda, and their jobs are gone too.

It’s all happening so fast, no?

I would say that taking the Wakanda salute this seriously makes black people seem even more silly. But it really isn’t possible for black people to get “more silly.”