New York: Met Museum’s Injun Art Curator Accused of Being Fake Injun

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Daily Mail:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s first Native American curator has had her credentials challenged by indigenous campaigners, according to a report.

Patricia Marroquin Norby, 53, won praise in 2020 after being hired by the famed museum, with The Met saying she was chosen after a ‘long and competitive search.’

She described herself as being proudly ‘Apache’ and the appointment was lauded by the museum.

But Native American groups tell The New York Post her roots are made-up.

‘She is definitely not Native American,’ one furious critic said.

The Met has weighed in on the row, insisting that she is telling the truth because she is a descendent of the ‘Pureapacha peoples’.

But the tribe, rooted in Mexico and parts of Texas, is not among the 574 officially recognized as being Native American.

Wait, are they accusing her of not being Injun at all, or of not being part of an “officially recognized” group of Injuns?

Can you not be an Injun unless the US government says you are?

Wouldn’t that be peak white supremacy and colonialism and the other stuff?

Norby took to social media this week to slam the allegations against her, claiming she is being targeted by a group of Native American women trying to ‘cancel’ her.

She denied the questioning of her roots, and said she is proud of her ‘Purepacha and Nde family roots from Mexico, northern Mexico and Texas.’

‘I am not going to hide my identity or family history in shame,’ she added.

She has claimed in numerous interviews and promotional work for The Met that she is of Purepacha descent, which is not officially recognized by the US Department of the Interior’s Indian Affairs division.

A spokesperson for The Met also insisted that ‘Patricia Marroquin Norby is of Purepacha descent and also descends from Indigenous communities in what is now Texas’ – but campaigners say that she does not have a legitimate claim to be a Native American.

Kathy Griffin, a member of the Cherokee Nation who compiled a genealogy of Marroquin Norby’s family, told The Post: ‘With all of the Native American scholars out there, we really wonder why the museum chose Patricia, who is definitely not Native American.’

Griffin alleged that in her analysis of her genealogy, there was no evidence that any of her direct ancestors were enrolled members of an officially designated tribe.

‘It’s genocide again of Native Americans,’ she said. ‘Now (white people’s) descendants are colonizing us again by claiming to be us.’

Is claiming to be something a genocide though?

Was anything whites did to Indians a genocide?

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That shit didn’t actually happen.

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But pretending to be an Indian is not a genocide, actually. In fact, that will help the Indians, by giving them a better reputation, if someone who is not a drunk piece of shit is pretending to be an Indian.

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Andrew Anglin contributed to this article.