Boeing Fails to Launch Rocket Yet Again, Blames Computers

Boeing is blaming a computer for their latest massive failure.

This is the computer:

Why is NASA still putting this company front and center with all that is happening with them?

The Yankees put poor old Darryl Strawberry on the back bench for doing a bit of cocaine with a hooker, but NASA wants Boeing out in front when their shit is exploding in the air?

New York Post:

Last-minute computer trouble nixed Saturday’s launch attempt for Boeing’s first astronaut flight, the latest in a string of delays over the years.

Two NASA astronauts were strapped in the company’s Starliner capsule when the countdown automatically was halted at 3 minutes and 50 seconds by the computer system that controls the final minutes before liftoff.

With only a split second to take off, there was no time to work the latest problem and the launch was called off.

A textbook case of “medieval witch physiognomy.”

Technicians raced to the pad to help astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams out of the capsule atop the fully fueled Atlas V rocket at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

Within an hour of the launch abort, the hatch was reopened.

The team can’t get to the computers to troubleshoot the problem until the rocket is drained of all its fuel, said Tory Bruno, CEO for the rocket maker, United Launch Alliance.

Bruno said one of the three redundant computers located near the rocket at the pad was sluggish. All three must work properly to proceed with a launch, he said.

Depending on what needs to be fixed, the next launch attempt could be as early as Wednesday. If it doesn’t blast off this coming week, then that would be it until mid-June in order to move the rocket off the pad and replace batteries.

It was the second launch attempt. The first try on May 6 was delayed for leak checks and rocket repairs.

NASA, if you want your rockets to work, you’re going to need to contract with the Chinese.

I know that might seem problematic.

But that is the situation.

The Chinese are the only people in the world who are engaged in competent aeronautics in the current year.