New York: Republicans Want to Make It a Crime to Pull Down Israeli Propaganda Posters

Wow, so the Jews are demanding more and more and more from the goyim?

I never would have expected they would do that.

New York Post:

Tearing down pro-Israel posters and flyers would become a misdemeanor under a package of laws proposed by state Senate Republicans in response to a wave of antisemitism.

The laws unveiled Wednesday would also prohibit the removal pro-Jewish flyers and posters, a common scene in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks in October and ensuing war in Gaza.

“New York is home to the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, and it is incumbent upon us to take action to ensure nobody is ever made to feel unsafe because of their religion,” Senate Republican Minority leader Robert Ortt said at a news conference.

The slew of bills would also define “antisemitism” under the state Human Rights Law and make it easier to prosecute antisemitic acts such as incitement of violence or vandalism as a hate crime.

Ortt, during an Albany press conference, challenged Democrats to support the measures.

You might be thinking: “Why are these Republicans catering to Jews who don’t even vote for them?”

In fact, Trump is now polling ahead with Jews in New York, as a result of the current conflict in Gaza.

So, apparently, these Jews are in fact simply catering to a constituency.

Republicans in theory believe in freedom of speech more than Democrats, but as we’ve seen since the Gaza situation began, that support is only theoretical. In fact, they will make all of the same censorship arguments as Democrats when it comes to preventing people from disagreeing with the Jews.