New York City’s Public Schools Teach Kids as Young as 4 About Trannies and STDs

This is very normal.

I assure you.

Normal as normal can be.

Daily Caller:

The curriculum at New York City public schools teaches students as young as 4 years old about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and gender identity, according to the New York Post.

The city’s “Growing Up and Staying Safe: New York City K-12 HIV Education Curriculum” includes material geared toward elementary schoolers such as a book about penises and vulvas, according to the NYC Public Schools website.

The curriculum’s lessons for kindergarteners include a picture book called “These are my EYES, This is my NOSE, This is my VULVA, These are my TOES.” The 21-page picture book shows several illustrations of diverse groups of children, including one page featuring a young boy saying, “This is my penis,” and another page saying “you’ll have hair everywhere” as an adult.

Lexx Brown James was credited as the author of the book on its front page. James has a Ph.D and works as the Director of the Sexual Health Certificate Program at the University of Michigan’s School of Social Work, according to the university’s website.

The book also delves into gender identity, promoting the idea that penises and vulvas are not exclusive to one sex, the New York Post reported.

Outraged parent Natalya Murakhver, who founded the nonprofit “Restore Childhood”, called the program “beyond inappropriate,” according to the New York Post. Another Brooklyn mother, who learned her 5-year-old child will receive the lessons, said that there was no choice to opt out.

We are really getting way more utopian every day in this great utopia.

Child sex is pure utopia.

We should also remind you that it is very normal.

This is the author of the book