New York Times Announces Israel’s “Ground Invasion” Isn’t Going to be Very Big

I said this!


The Israeli military has limited the scope of its “expanded” ground operation against the Palestinian armed group Hamas in Gaza following consultations with senior White House officials, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing sources.

According to the paper, the initial plans “alarmed” officials in Washington, who voiced concern that they “lacked achievable military objectives,” with fears that the IDF was not yet prepared for a full-scale ground assault.


However, an unnamed US government source told NYT that after discussions with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and other officials “the Israelis improved and refined their plan” for the offensive.

As a result, the report said, the IDF’s actions in Gaza have so far been “smaller and more narrowly focused” than Israeli officials initially proposed to their US counterparts. Numerous US officials and former commanders told the outlet that “Israel appeared to be conducting a phased operation” with reconnaissance units probing Hamas positions in Gaza for potential weaknesses.

According to the article, however, Israel’s decision-making process was also influenced by deliberations concerning hostages held by Hamas, as well as by a rift in the country’s leadership over how, when, and even whether to kick off the operation.

Commenting on the progress of the battle, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said Sunday that the country’s military had “expanded the entry” into the Palestinian enclave overnight.

“We are progressing through the stages of the war according to plan,” he said, adding that the IDF is “gradually expanding the ground activity and the scope of our forces” in the area.

It’s not a “battle,” it’s a genocide of a defenseless civilian population, half of which are under 18 (and half of them under the age of 10).

The precise term for the “Gaza Operation” is “the Jewish ritual mass murder of children.”

tfw Jews

But yeah, scaling back, continuing doing what they’re doing for a while, then stopping.

Everyone knew this.

But this is in the Times, the State Department announcement board, so it’s a confirmation that they’re going to do some more stunts, announce that a sufficient number of children have been killed, arrange a prisoner swap, and then deescalate. Or rather, attempt to deescalate.

They have done these stunts already, driving tanks over the border and then fleeing quickly.

See: Israel Does Low Energy Tank Raid for Photo Op, Pulls Out Quickly

They’re now claiming there is some kind of fighting going on in North Gaza, but I haven’t seen any video. It’s definitely not what we were promised, which was an attempt at an overwhelming ground assault.

That’s canceled.

A major invasion could only be carried out by the US Marines, and it would cause “cascading events in the region.”

This effectively amounts to a surrender to Hamas. Contrary to the collective belief of the Jews, slaughtering children doesn’t prove anything.

Hey, if anyone ever wondered why I always quote RT, even when RT is quoting the Times: it’s because RT is good for quoting. Yes, I agree with RT on the issues, but that is basically a coincidence.

The others that are good for reading are the New York Post, The Guardian, and Axios. The Times uses frustrating sentence structures and includes at least 40% more words than necessary. It’s an obsolete style. I still read it, and I hate it. It can’t be used in these quotes with the same effectiveness. I used to do it, but I’ve cleaned this up. The whole media reports all the main stories, as a basic rule. The articles have the same effect. You really always walk away with the same amount of information. But some of them use protracted language and add extra words. The Times buffs the length of their articles with worthless quotes that provide no new information, as well as irrelevant background information, and sometimes a “general summary of recent events.” It’s obsolete trash. This isn’t the 1970s. We’re on the internet. If people want more information, they can click it. It is not prestigious to waste my precious time, Jews.

I actually like the Wall Street Journal still. That’s the paper that got me into the news when I was a kid. But I am not paying for a subscription. I’m not even allowed to have a personal checking account anyway. If they accepted Bitcoin, I might do it.