New Zealand: Country’s First Refugee MP Quits After Being Accused of Shoplifting

Women get off on committing nonviolent crimes.

Most all women engage in shoplifting, even if they are very wealthy.


A New Zealand Green Party MP has resigned after it was alleged by media that she had shoplifted at high-end local boutiques on at least three occasions.

Without specifically addressing the accusations, member of parliament Golriz Ghahraman said in a statement that mental health issues and work stress had led to her acting in a way that was completely out of character.

“People should, rightly, expect the highest standards of behaviour from their elected representatives.

Gotta give this bitch some credit, not a lot of women in their 40s manage to not be fat these days

“I fell short. I’m sorry. It’s not a behaviour I can explain because it’s not rational in any way, and after medical evaluation, I understand I’m not well,” she said.

Local media have reported that Iranian-born Ms Ghahraman, who has been in parliament since 2017 and was the first refugee to become a member of parliament, is accused of shoplifting at Scotties Boutique in Ponsonby, Auckland, and at Cre8iveworkz in Wellington.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw said that while parliament was a stressful place for everybody, Ms Ghahraman had a particularly difficult time as she had received numerous threats from members of the public since arriving in office.

The poor dear.

All you can do is feel really sad for her and her stress.

Her party’s co-leaders’ official statement on the matter