Nimrata Randhawa Won 43% of the Vote in New Hampshire

More than 4 in 10 Republicans in New Hampshire, a state that allegedly loves freedom, voted for her.

This is sickening and shocking.

(I mean that sincerely – this is actually shocking.)


Former President Donald Trump has won a commanding victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary, scoring an easy win over his only remaining rival for the GOP nomination, Nikki Haley.

AP called the race for Trump at 8pm Tuesday night, with the outlet tallying 54% of the popular vote for the ex-president with 83% of the ballots counted. Haley – a former South Carolina governor and the last Republican vying for the nomination against Trump – took 43% of the vote. A separate count by CNN noted that Trump had scored 12 delegates against Haley’s 9.

In a victory speech after the results were in, Trump thanked his supporters and hurled invective at both Haley and President Joe Biden, saying the Republican candidate “had a very bad night” and is “not going to win.”

Every headline is saying “Trump Wins!”

But everyone knew Trump would win. It is a much bigger story that “Haley” got 43% of the vote.

It’s unbelievable.

Real quick, just in case anyone is wondering: no, New Hampshire is not an “open primary,” where both Democrats and Republicans are allowed to vote in both primaries. In states that allow that, a lot of Democrats will be going out to vote for Haley, but New Hampshire is not one of those states.

This goes way against common wisdom, which said that DeSantis’ people would mostly switch to Trump.

Do you know what this could mean?

Think about it for a second, then I’ll tell you.

If you thought “this could mean that Nimrata could run as a third party candidate and siphon off enough votes from Trump that they wouldn’t even need to do election fraud,” then we’re on the same page.

I have no idea what could possibly bring a person who supports “Nikki Haley” to support Donald Trump. This woman is an absolute lunatic. All she does is talk about Israel, and has called for the internet freedom rights of Americans to be taken away from them so that the government can hunt down people who criticize Israel.

If she was running third party, the media would take it very seriously, and demand that she be allowed in the general election debates. They will also claim, on Fox News and elsewhere, that voting for her is not “throwing your vote away,” because “many Democrats will also be picking her over Biden, she’s bringing the parties together under common sense support for Israel.”

In fact, if she were to run, they might just make her president. Virtually every other English-speaking country now has an Indian leader, including the UK, Scotland, and Ireland. Canada is grooming one to be the next leader. Clearly, Jews like this.

(I’m not saying all Indians are bad, I like Vivek and some tech people like Chamath, but there are a lot of Indians who are willing to do whatever the Jews want them to for money, and the fact that they are not white means they are above criticism and have no ties to our countries or reason to care what happens to us.)

Obviously, anything could happen, but this idea of a third party Nimrata is a new option that I hadn’t thought of until right now.

It’s very obvious, so I promise, I’m not the only one thinking of it.

Trump is steamrolling, and while I do believe that they would still just rig the election for Biden, even if only 15% of people voted for him, including Nimrata in the mix would make the whole thing about 6 million times easier.

Like I said: now that I’m thinking about it, she could actually win. She would be much more popular than Biden.

Have you seen all of these shows on MSNBC where they are supporting her?

Joy Reid is supporting her in that infamous clip where she denounces “white Christians.” Here she is doing it again last night:

These Numbers Might Not Even be Real

There is also a possibility that these numbers are not even real.

There wasn’t time to do polling after Ron DeSantis dropped out, so while you could try to figure it out from polls that ask about a “second choice,” the data would not be worth much.

It is possible that the Republicans are rigging the primaries for “Haley.” Even if they are not rigging them thinking she will actually win the nomination, they could be rigging them to get her numbers that justify a third party run, on the premise that a lot of Democrats prefer her over Biden.

I suspect you are going to see, in the next few weeks, three-way race polls that show Nimrata beating both Trump and Biden.

It is well within the realm of possibility that this could take a turn that no one was expecting.