New Zealand Planning to Criminalize Lying to Women

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 7, 2019

There has never been a better time to be an Incel, folks. Time to enlist if you haven’t already.

People need to forget about these thots and start focusing on what really matters: bringing on the Gamer Rumbling.

We are getting closer to that fateful day.

News like this just gets us there faster.

Daily Mail:

A proposed change to New South Wales law could make lying to have sex with a prospective partner a criminal offence.

The New South Wales Law Reform Commission recommended that if a physical relationship eventuated after a person was dishonest about themselves, sexual assault charges should apply.

The proposal contains a clause in regards to liars and people who ‘fraudulently induce’ others into sexual activity.

‘We propose that the law should provide that a person who is fraudulently induced to participate in sexual activity does not, in law, consent to sexual activity,’ the Commission said in its review of consent laws.

Bruh… This is legit insane.

Sydney University criminologist Andrew Dyer told 10 Daily the proposed changes were profound.

‘Telling someone you love them when you don’t, pretending to be rich and well connected when you are not, claiming educational achievements that you don’t possess, denying a complex sexual history – say, with same sex partners – could all conceivably count as fraudulently obtaining sexual consent,’ he said.

White men have been put into a trap – if we go Incel we are terrorists, if we start hustlin’ for pussy, we’re literally rapists. Either way, we’re all going to jail.

They’re really leaving us no options here.

Even men who are out there getting second hand, used-up skank pussy are going to realize that they have no choice but to support the Incel uprising at this point.

The reforms would cover conversations on dating apps such as Tinder as well as real-life encounters.

They would apply to people of all genders and would forcing people to be careful about what they say about themselves to prospective lovers.

‘If the boast that you have made induces somebody to participate in sexual activity with you, then you are liable to spend a long time in jail,’ Mr Dyer said.

The whole premise of the post-WWII society was that everyone would be given free sex, cheap drugs and music to gyrate to in exchange for no longer taking anything seriously anymore.

And this actually worked for awhile – just ask your Boomer parents.

But somewhere along the line, the Feminism that the Jews and the cultural programmers had engineered began to develop a mind of its own and it became about wahmen turning ultra-prude and making themselves extraordinarily ugly through self-mutilation with piercings, tattoos, weird hairstyles, poor hygiene and letting themselves billow up into human blimps.

They gave White men an ultimatum – go to war and kill all the Jews or die a virgin.

A lot of men are waking to this fact and it will prove to be ZOG’s undoing in the end. What comes next will shake the world to its very foundations.

No one will be spared from the Incel Rape Train.

And that train is starting to pick up steam – destination: Oven Town.