Global Rise of Incel Culture Could Result in Terrorism, Experts Say

Along with “election denial” speech and anti-tranny speech, they are also trying to outlaw incel speech.

They say if incels are allowed to speak, they will kill women.

They never bother to ask if women deserve to be killed.

The Guardian:

Almost 1,000 references to dehumanising misogyny or violent action are recorded each day in the “incelosphere” as the toxicity of male supremacist content continues to intensify.

Analysis of the incel movement found that online references to inflicting violence and extremely degrading language on dedicated incel forums are running eight times higher than in 2016, when researchers first began tracking misogynist content on the internet.

Academics from the University of Exeter also noted an increasing overlap between incel followers and the far right, with online algorithms blamed for pushing young boys towards extreme rightwing ideology.

Lewys Brace, who advises the government on extremism, led a long-term study that recorded, on average, 112 references a day to extreme misogynistic terms along with words “punch, stab, shoot, attack” in 2016 on dedicated incel forums.

Numbers have steadily increased since, now rising to a daily total of 849 references, prompting fears over the movement’s trajectory following a series of terrorist attacks linked to online misogynists.

The incel – or “involuntarily celibate” – movement is an online subculture in which a misogynistic worldview is promoted by individuals who blame women for their lack of sexual activity.

Incels have been linked to violent extremism and are classified by the government’s anti-radicalisation strategy, Prevent, as having a “mixed, unstable or unclear” ideology.

The most recent data reveals that such ideologies account for more than half of all referrals to Prevent.

Brace, a lecturer in data analysis at Exeter, said: “The incelosphere is definitely growing and diversifying and has increased in the toxicity of its discussions since 2016.

“The cross pollination of ideologies is helping to drive this.”

This week, research funded by the UK’s Home Office and security and intelligence agencies will reveal the extent of “incel contagion” online and the growing threat posed by male supremacist ideology at a Dublin conference showcasing new studies documenting the internet.

Brace said the volume of references to committing violence should be taken seriously, with more than 50 cases of incel-related violence documented since 2014.

An incel is someone who doesn’t have sex.

What are they going to do to stop people from being incels? Are they going to pass laws that force them to have sex?

Maybe all men can be fixed with a bomb collar that has a device that registers the smell of pussy, and if it doesn’t register a whiff of pussy in 4 weeks, your head explodes?

That seems fair.