Ireland: 6 Arrested as Small Town Continues to Oppose Invader Camp

Newtownmountkennedy refuses to cuck

The Irish are the only white people actually standing up against the invasion.


Protestors who have maintained a presence outside a new IPAS development in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow over the last six weeks say they feel as if they “do not have a voice” anymore after what they described as “a large number of balaclava clad workers” being “forced” onto the site at 2am this morning.

In a statement issued to Gript, the protest group said:

“As most of the country and, indeed, parts of the world are aware, the people of Newtownmountkennedy have for the last 6 weeks been holding a peaceful protest at a proposed IPAS site near the village. The protesters were concerned that the site was wholly unsuitable for tented accommodation, that the resources of the village were already stretched and that the site itself was, according to the latest land registry documents, held in trust for the village for educational or medical use only.”

The Department of Integration intends to house approximately 160 male asylum seekers in military style tents on the grounds of River Lodge which in bygone years was used as a respite facility for traveller children.

“Last week the police public order unit forced balaclava-clad workers onto the site using aggressive and intimidating tactics. The protestors, and indeed the whole country, were outraged that our legitimate peaceful protest had been ignored and bullied out of the way by the government. As a result, the workers were withdrawn and a meeting had been scheduled for next Monday with the site developer and senior gardaí to try to resolve the situation.” they group said.

Last week Gript reported on the unfolding scenes from outside River Lodge.

The protestors say that this morning at 2am “a large contingent of local gardai, once again supported by the public order unit, forced a large number of balaclava clad workers and their equipment onto the site. The protestors remained calm in spite of this deliberate provocation.”

The Irish have already demonstrated they will turn violent, which is the only thing the government is ever afraid of in a democracy.

They already forced that gay Indian prime minister to resign.

Ireland might actually go hardcore.

Invaders who initially invaded Britain are now invading Ireland