Nick Fuentes Makes Showing in Senate Hearing, Michigan Shabbos Says Talking About Jews Causes Terrorism

Livestreamer and political activist Nick Fuentes has showed up in the Congressional Record for a second time, this time under the accusation of stirring up terrorism for talking about – and laughing about – the fact that the United States is controlled by the Jews.

The clip was played by Democrat Senator Gary Peters, a fat and boring shabbos goy from Michigan. Peters is a supporter of real terrorism in the Ukraine and the Middle East, but wants to trump-up false terrorism allegations against Christians in America.

For context, here is the full video from PBS.

The video of Fuentes was a rather strange pick. It is a clip of him appearing on a stream with YouTube streamer Sneako, being viewed by YouTube streamer Destiny.

It’s interesting that Peters’ team would choose this clip, given that Fuentes, whose own channel has been banned from YouTube for years, has been making good inroads into the mainstream lately, getting interviews with some of the top creators on YouTube. This seems to be a call to shut down people who are interviewing Fuentes, rather than an attempt to further shut down Fuentes personally.

That could just be a coincidence, but it’s almost a certainty that the Jewish Israeli group the Anti-Defamation League was responsible for providing Peters with the clip.

Sneako, the mulatto boy who is featured in the clip, was recently banned from Twitter and reprimanded on YouTube for having talked to Fuentes. He has said that he never had any problems on social media until he started talking to Nick.

That might not even actually be true, because Sneako is associated with Andrew Tate, who was recently banned from everything for giving young men self-help advice.

It is now the official and openly stated policy of the Biden government to censor people on the internet by claiming that speech is a threat to society.

This demonstrates the way the media will shift their narratives shamelessly in order to fit what is happening. The previous argument for social media censorship, forwarded by the media in 2017, was a libertarian argument, saying that because the social media companies were “private companies,” they were allowed to do whatever they want to anyone. Now, they are using a communist argument, saying that dissent is a threat to the legitimacy of the state. None of the media outlets pushing this new narrative, having previously pushed the previous narrative, have even bothered to note the shift in the narrative.

Nick was previously featured in Congress during the January 6 hysteria.