Nick Fuentes on the No Jumper Podcast

America First livestreamer Nick Fuentes appeared this week on the No Jumper podcast with Adam22 and two black guys to discuss the fact that he is banned from everything for talking about the Jews.

Shockingly, there was no surprise appearance from the gibbering nanny Karen Bonnell. I thought for sure that the Karen known as Destiny was going to drop in and start gibbering.

Adam22 is a funny guy. He’s my same age, and he is sort of how I would imagine the mirror universe version of myself. He named his podcast after a Gucci Mane lyric, he has a picture of Treehouse of Horror Lisa Simpson tattooed on his face, and in his other podcast, he has sex with the interviewees. He interviews women and then has sex with them during the second half of the podcast. He is the final form of “yeah, bro, whatever,” but also cares enough to be famous in the first place. Most millennials with his disposition and worldview end up passed out on fentanyl on some filthy floor somewhere.

When I started talking about Jews and race back in my 20s, I did it primarily because I thought it was funny. I was not super committed to anything philosophically. That really came after dealing with the responses from the Jews. It’s not hard for me to imagine that if my life had gone just a little bit differently, I could end up where Adam22 is.

The interview is a good introduction to Nick, and given that it is normies that are interviewing him, it’s a normie-friendly show. You get to see the blacks and the goofy millennial just kind of agreeing with him, or at the very least not really caring or seeing anything wrong with what he’s saying. One of the blacks gets a bit uppity about some of the stuff he says about blacks, but the other agrees with him.

Most importantly, the podcast proved that “The Ye Effect” is now in full swing: Nick said that the Jews control the banking system and will shut down anyone who questions them, he listed all the things Ye was banned from, and Adam was like, “yeah, I mean, there’s no use arguing that one since we just saw it happen in front of our eyes with the Kanye bank situation.”

So what that is: a normie guy who apparently doesn’t know anything about the Jews is like “yeah, they apparently do just totally destroy anyone who questions them.”

Nick had been wanting to go on this podcast for a while now, and Adam was kind of going back and forth on it. It looks like he finally decided to have him on because of what Ye said. Ye makes it much, much less controversial to talk about the Jews. Basically everything that I say, or that Nick Fuentes says, Ye has gone out there and said, with regards to the Jews controlling society and pushing an agenda that is diametrically opposed to Christian society.

Nick Fuentes is the host of America First on

He be trending.