Nick Fuentes v. Alex Jones Debate:

Nick Fuentes appeared on Alex Jones’ show on Tuesday for a debate about the Jews.

Following that event where Nick and Ye went on the show and loved Hitler, Alex had been whining about Nick and calling him gay.

Alex hates Hitler the most and he is particularly concerned about Hitler’s plans for America. Many Americans do not believe that Hitler poses a serious threat to their way of life. In fact, Hitler is not even among the top ten concerns of the American people.

But Alex remains vigilant.

Alex Jones pictured reacting to latest news about Hitler

As always, Nick performed well in this debate. However, it wasn’t really even a debate.

Alex is a definite shill for the Jews. But hey, at least he’ll have you on to talk about it. And he doesn’t seem to care if he looks like a total shill defending the sickening Jews.

He’ll let you say whatever.

Nick wins again.

It’s very common.

“The Banality of Nick Winning Everything.”


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