Russia Catches Terrorists Behind Concert Attack, Putin Reveals They’re Linked to the Ukraine, Doesn’t Mention ISIS

An ISIS claim of responsibility for a terrorist attack is basically worth nothing at all, beyond a media prop. Insofar as they have official outlets for making statements, they claim responsibility for everything, and some of these websites supposedly functioning as official ISIS outlets will claim credit for natural disasters and so on.

Regardless, it doesn’t even matter if it was ISIS, it’s still the same thing as the Ukraine: a puppet of the United States, doing their dirty work.

The Guardian:

Vladimir Putin said Russia had arrested all four gunmen responsible for the shooting that killed 133 people at a concert hall on the outskirts of Moscow, claiming that the perpetrators of one of the worst terror attacks in the country’s history planned to flee to Ukraine.

In his first public comments on the terrorist attacks that shocked the nation, the Russian president made no mention of Islamic State’s claim to have carried out the attack.

Instead, Putin suggested without evidence that Ukraine may have been involved in Friday’s attack at the Crocus City Hall just outside Moscow, saying that “the Ukrainian side” had “prepared a window” for the terrorists to cross the border from Russia into Ukraine before they were apprehended.

They tried to hide and move towards Ukraine, where, according to preliminary data, a window was prepared for them from the Ukrainian side to cross the state border,” Putin said in a televised address.

Putin’s comments fell short of directly blaming Ukraine for the attack, as he said those responsible would be punished, “whoever they may be, whoever may have sent them”. The four suspected gunmen were all foreign citizens, Russia’s interior ministry later said.

Islamic State, through an affiliated news agency, claimed responsibility for the attack late on Friday in a post on Telegram, in which the group claimed the gunmen had managed to escape afterwards. On Saturday, IS released a photo of what it said were the four attackers behind the shooting rampage.

In a statement, the group said the shooting came within the context of the “raging war” between Islamic State and countries fighting Islam.

Russian officials and state news channels have been quiet about Islamic State’s claim to have carried out the attack, but a US official said Washington had intelligence confirming it.

This is the correct response for Putin.

It’s very easy for me to just say “well, regardless America did it.” But he should be measured like this, let the investigation unfold, and then give a report on findings.

Right now, it looks like these guys do have Islamic names, which is not surprising. Frankly, I had predicted before the war that if Russia was in a war with the US like the war in the Ukraine, Islamic terrorism would happen constantly. You think about the number of Caucus people who went to fight for ISIS, it’s likely there are thousands of these people in Russia now. It’s simply that the FSB is a very competent intelligence and security agency.

The fact that there have not been regular attacks by Moslems shows, effectively, that this had to have been organized by the CIA/Mossad, because otherwise, it would have been stopped like so many other attempted attacks have been stopped by Russian security. It’s not a small thing to have four men organize this kind of attack and not have it traced. If it’s one guy, okay, but four is a large number of people who are going to be leaving evidence of planning this sort of thing.

It’s a very bad look for the Ukraine and for the West to be associated with this. It definitely shows desperation by the Americans, that they would be willing to be linked to something like this, even whilst people are growing tired of their war in the Ukraine.