No Whites to Blame as All Liberian Students Fail University Admission Exam

The New Observer
September 4, 2013

Third World apologists have been thrown into a new quandary by the news that all 23,000 school-leavers who wrote admission exams for the University of Liberia in that nation, have failed their tests—and there is not a white in sight to blame this time.


News of the total failure of every single applicant has been fairly widely reported by the controlled media, but all without comment as to the underlying reason.

Only the Voice of America news outlet dared hint at some of the reasons, in an article titled “Admission Standards Toughened at University of Liberia” in which it was said that the “days are over when students were admitted into the University of Liberia through bribery or based on how many important people they known[sic].”

According to the VOA, an individual by the name of James Dorbor Jallah was hired to manage and administer this year’s entrance examination.

He was quoted as saying that “students seeking admission into the university would study harder if they are made to understand that admission is based on personal ability and not through bribery.”

He said he was hired because the university has had problems in the past about the credibility and integrity of its admission exam.

“There is a perception in our society largely that once you take the University of Liberia admission exam, if you do not pay money to someone, or if you do not have appropriate connections, you would not be placed on the results list. So, the University has been grappling with how they could manage the process whereby people’s abilities would be truly measured on the basis of their performance on the examination,” he said.

He said the 2013 admission exam was no different from previous exams that had been administered by the university in terms of subject matter content.

Dorbor-Jallah said the exam tested high school graduates based on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.

But he said unlike previous exams, the faculty senate of the university decided that this time around, results would be reported on the basis of raw scores.

“To gain a pass and admission, one would have to make or earn 60 percent in mathematics and 70 percent in English of their raw scores, not curved or scaled results. So on the basis of that, we administered the exam. We went through the tabulation of the results, and it turned out that 308 of the more than 23,000 candidates actually did meet the threshold score in mathematics of 50 percent or above. But absolutely no one was able to reach the threshold score in English of 70 percent. That is why the university has reported that no one passed its admission exam,” he said.

In other words, this was the first time that university admissions were based purely on ability and not on usual Third World bribery.

* The nation of Liberia was founded in 1820 when the region in West Africa was colonized by blacks from the United States. With massive aid from white well-wishers behind an organization called the American Colonization Society, former slaves and free blacks were given education, money, infrastructure—and even a constitution which was identical to that of the United States—to found a new country in a fertile and untouched part of Africa.

This is why the flag of Liberia is, to this day, the same as the “stars and stripes” only with one star.

In 1847, this region was officially declared the Republic of Liberia, and a government modeled on that of the United States established. The capital city was named Monrovia after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States and a prominent supporter of the American Colonization Society.

Despite having been independent since the 1820s, and never having been colonized by Europeans, Liberia has not progressed at all. In fact, it has substantially regressed since its founding, becoming infamous for its shocking cannibalism during one of its innumerable “civil wars” only a decade or so ago (see the video below).

Worst of all, for the liberals and the usual gaggle of Third World apologists, this time there are no handy whites to blame for the situation in Liberia. No colonization, no white minority “controlling the economy” or “the land”—and certainly no “white discrimination” in university admissions exams.

* Liberia has an average IQ of 67, one point higher than that of blacks in South Africa.