Norway: City Council Accused of Racism After Voting to Only Accept Refugees from the Ukraine

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Scandinavian socialism is so much better than American neo-Analism.

It’s still ridiculous and stupid and pointless, it’s just that it isn’t Jewish. So you can say things like “well, actually, although we are big supporters of the wars for democracy and oppressed peoples and so on, when it comes to refugees, whites are much easier to integrate.”

Of course, it will be overturned, because America will tell them to overturn it and America calls the shots because Jews control the global media apparatus. But they said it in the first place, proving that this is what they would be doing if it was not for America.


Lawmakers in Norway have slammed a decision this week by the local council in a southern city to only take in Ukrainian refugees and not others, claiming they will be easier to integrate in the society.

The government and the opposition have also said they consider the decision by the council in Drammen to be in violation of Norwegian laws. Up to a third of the population of Drammen are immigrant or have an immigrant background.

Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, who heads a center-left government, condemned Tuesday’s decision by Drammen and said that Norway’s 357 municipalities cannot decide for themselves which refugees they accept — only how many they can take in.

Such a decision is “not legal,” said Gahr Støre.

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The local county governor’s office has asked the municipality’s head to explain Drammen’s statement by Feb. 28 after which a final decision will be made.

On Tuesday evening, the right-leaning local municipal council in Drammen, southwest of the capital of Oslo, decided in a 29-28 vote to only accept Ukrainian refugees.

American Republicans (even if you totally excluded Democrats) could not ever vote for only white immigrants with a simple majority. I don’t know if there is even a single Republican elected to national office who would publicly say “we’d really just prefer they be white.”

I listened to Rand Paul’s filibuster last week, and while condemning the open border, he bragged that more than 100 languages are spoken in Kentucky schools, saying how much he loves brown people coming into America. You can say “he has to say that, he doesn’t really believe it,” and who knows if that’s true, but he said it, and he acts on it in his capacity as an official of the US federal government, which is the point.

“We are fully aware that we are challenging current practice and we are testing some limits for what we as municipal politicians have the opportunity to influence,” the statement from the council said, according to the Norwegian newspaper VG wrote.

Simon Nordanger, from the opposition Center party, reported the decision to police on Wednesday, alleging it violates the law and the constitution.

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“How can you treat people and open up to sorting people that way,” Nordanger told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

On the Drammen council’s Facebook page, some of the comments called the decision racist.

There is no meaning to the word “racist.”

They said the whites are easier to integrate. That is a practical logistical matter. No one can argue it’s not true, on its face, and proven by all evidence of multicultural experiments.

If something is pragmatic, it cannot also be driven by irrational hatred for the color of the skin, which is what “racism” is defined as. These things are opposed to one another, fundamentally. An agenda of blind hatred cannot also be practical.

The claim then becomes “they are hiding their blind hatred behind pragmatism.” And you can insinuate that. But you are still left with the fact that if they were being purely practical, they would take the same actions that are being labeled the result of irrational blind hatred.

None of this is confusing.

The only thing required to be Norwegian is to have a pulse, their king says

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