Anti-Genocide Protesters March Inside Biden’s San Francisco Hotel

Who supports Joe Biden at this point?

The Jews, I’m sure, but they’re only 2% of the population.

I guess the problem is that you have this built-in population, about 30%, that will just support literally anything the government says. The Ukraine is defending itself, Israel is defending itself, windmills, child trannies, vax boosters – whatever. They’ll just believe any of it, just because the established authority said it.


Pro-Palestinian protesters marched inside President Joe Bidenโ€™s hotel in San Francisco, reporters accompanying the president say, a rare instance of a protest breaking out at close range inside the presidential bubble.

A reporter in the press pool with Biden said 20 to 30 protesters marched through the lobby of the hotel, chanting:ย โ€œBiden Biden you canโ€™t hide, we charge you with genocide.โ€

Other chants included โ€œcease fire nowโ€ and โ€œBiden, Biden, what do you say. How many kids did you kill today.โ€

The group unfurled a banner reading: โ€œStop funding genocide: End all U.S. aid to Israel.โ€

Biden is a child killer, and this needs to be the narrative.

Protesting Israel is pointless. You have to protest the US government that funds them.