Norway Not Doing Enough to Save Foreign Invaders

Modern Heretic
June 2, 2015

Soon this will happen for real.

I often wonder what historians will say about this era of White suicide, assuming there is anyone capable of performing that task in the future. Certainly this hypothetical chronicler will marvel at the unprecedented willingness to be raped and murdered displayed by Whites in Europe. Against all logic, in the face of all factual information and even our most primal survival instincts, White homelands are happily inhaling the kosher cyanide and even protesting when the heart stoppage isn’t happening fast enough or some of the kosher poison was lost into the air. This is the death cult of cultural marxism, the jew marketed White genocide, death of our race and culture presented with a rictus grin on the face of soft, doomed Whites. This is why we’re facing extermination.

Pile of trash in support of two-legged trash.


In response to the increasing number of migrants facing possible death on overcrowded boats fleeing Africa across the Mediterranean, Norwegian activists staged creative protests to bring attention to the crisis and to apply pressure on their government to up its response.

The non-White is never, ever, responsible for their own failures. Clearly, it’s up to a rapidly dying Scandinavian nation to save floating dog shit nowhere near its national waters. White man to the rescue, don’t expect to be hailed as a hero or even receive a simple “thank you” from the coal-complected jihadans we fish out of the drink. Our reward is raped women, mosques on every corner, pack attacks, displacement and death.

“The Norwegian government is doing as little as they can get away with here. And we’re trying to make sure they don’t get away with it,” said Rune Bergelund Steen, director of the Norwegian Centre Against Racism, at the April 29 protest where activists staged a “die-in” at the plaza in front of Stortinget, Norway’s parliament building.

More always needs to be done. Sure, Western Europe has been gut-shot by insane immigration policies and is rapidly bleeding out but we need to get that kosher bullet into the brain. Are you bleeding enough, Norway? Are enough of your women being attacked by foreign scum? Are you trying to get by with the minimum amount of self-destruction? If you are it needs to change. Now. Embrace your death.

Since the beginning of the year, some 5,000 migrants have drowned as their boats capsized in Mediterranean waters. In the worst such incident, an estimated 800 people died when their boat sank as it attempted to reach Italy.

Just think of the crimes that never will be committed, the attacks on traditional European religion and culture that won’t occur. Wait, my mistake, tiny Europe is still being flooded with alien sewage and this small number of savage outsiders transformed into whale shit is basically meaningless. Still, they’re so very precious.

Currently, Norway has pledged just two boats to join European Union efforts to patrol territorial waters, known as Operation Triton.

Yeah, “just.” Sorry it wasn’t enough. There’s nothing here for us, just the fear of being called a name made up by jewish communists. For fear of the jew we lost our minds and our souls.

But activists demanded a swifter and bigger response – not simply returning migrants to places where their lives are endangered, where they may again choose to risk death in another sea crossing.

The “migrant” apparently has no personal agency and is basically a Biblical plague. I don’t disagree, but it’s a little surprising the mask slipped. Our enemy is using these invaders as a biological weapon and is under no illusions that this is anything else.

“What we need is a full-scale broad rescue operation and anything less than that is shameful,” said Bergelund Steen.

“All of Sudan must be imported into Oslo! Now!”

And on Monday, many of the same protesters from last week’s “die-in” returned to Stortinget with hundreds of paper boats. Local school children – many of them children of refugees -participated by making their own paper boats.

Today kids we’re going to learn about cultural marxism. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow.

“We want the government to send boats to the Mediterranean right now. Not in two weeks, not in two months, but now – today.”

R.I.P. Norway.

Thanks for saving us.