Norwegian Government Gives Islamists 100,000 Euros to Convert Church to Mosque!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2019

This is absolutely intolerable. It is an act of war, a hostile takeover, an aggressive and anti-social attack on Norwegian society. Selling out your country is one thing – but using the people’s money to fund your treason is taking it to a whole new level.

Voice of Europe:

Kjell Ingolf Ropstad, the leader of the centrist Norwegian Christian People’s Party, has approved a grant for nearly 100,000 euros that will be used by a radical Islamist community to convert a church that’s over 100-years-old into a mosque.

The money will go to the Islamic Cultural Center – an organization that has several Islamic schools in their mosques in Drammen, Oslo, and Mjøndalen where children can stay overnight, Aftenposten reports.

This isn’t the first time Ropstad has awarded large sums of money to the Islamic group. In the past, the Islamic Cultural Center, which has a total of 3,775 registered members, has received nearly 70,000 euros to convert a former Baptist church in Stavanger to a mosque.

Folks, there is simply no other way to say this.

There can be no more church conversions going forward.

Christians absolutely need to start fighting back.

If that means sitting in the church as a protest, then that must happen. The doors need to be locked and barred. Lawyers need to be hired, local politicians bombarded with calls and e-mails and DMs. People with smartphones need to film the whole sordid spectacle when battle-rattle cops show up to wallop Christians into accepting the destruction of their community.

That is: the state must be forced to send in the police to steal the churches from the people and hand them over to Moslems. The action has to be filmed and spread. Politicians must be asked to come out and explain where they stand on the issue. There can be no middle ground. Are you for or are you against the hostile takeover of small communities by a criminal and gangster religion?

I understand that this is happening in a Protestant Scandinavian country where Christianity and nationalism is in a very sorry state. But anyone with a patriotic bone in their body knows how wrong this is, even if they’re not Baptist or practicing Christians at all. Put simply, this has to become a rallying point for native resistance. Most small towns are built around small churches – what else would you rally around if not the local church? The WMCA? The gas station? The KFC?

This simply cannot be allowed to continue.

Christians and nationalists need to rally to the defense of these churches and use all means necessary to fight back against the corrupt politicians who are selling their heritage away and their imported gangster ethnic mafias.

If there was ever a better focal point for Europeans to rally together against hostile Moslem takeover, this and situations like this would have to be it.