NY: 22-Year-Old High School Coach Jumps in Front of a Train Because of Sex with Student Scandal

Jason Maser

We’ve got another unfortunate sexual situation in an integrated school!

New York Post:

A former Long Island high school volleyball coach accused of raping a teen player took his own life Friday when he stepped in front of a moving Long Island Rail Road train just hours after the disturbing allegations came to light, according to MTA officials.

Jason Maser, 22, was fatally hit by a train around 10:35 p.m. near the Syosset station after he “intentionally” walked onto the tracks at the Woodbury Road crossing, MTA Police Department spokesperson Michael Cortez said in a statement.

He was pronounced dead at the scene and it was determined that he left a suicide note behind, Cortez said.

The Syosset’s resident death comes as he was facing charges of third-degree rape and criminal sex act, Newsday reported. The former part-time coach at Sacred Heart Academy allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl at least twice while inside his Jeep on Feb. 7 and March 7, police and a criminal complaint reportedly alleged.

He was arraigned Friday morning as news broke about the sickening accusations against him and was later released on $75,000 bail, Newsday reported.

Is it really “sickening”? A 7-year age gap?

It seems like something you would just expect would happen when the government insists on integrating the sexes in public spaces.

If people do not want these kinds of relationships to happen in the schools and workplaces, then we need to take advice from the Taliban, and understand that the only way to prevent these relations is to segregate the sexes.

It’s not even about age. It’s just the man is always at fault.

That kooky police bitch who had sex with the whole staff at the station was determined to be a victim. She was nearly 30.

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They just always blame men, despite the biological fact that men have a very difficult time resisting women who approach them in a sexual manner.

I’m not saying that a teacher should be having sex with his students, or that he doesn’t have responsibility for the situation. But it’s unclear how there is a crime here. It looks like something that should be dealt with by his employer and not the police. Instead he’s accused of “sickening crimes” and feels there is no way out but suicide.