Female Cop Who had Sex with Entire Department Wins $500,000 After Claiming She was Groomed

You know, I should have guessed that this woman was a victim.

It seems so obvious in hindsight that she was not responsible for any of these decisions she made, because women – while exactly equal to men in every way – can easily have their decisions overridden by men.

New York Post:

A former Tennessee cop who got axed for her trysts with six other officers on the job has settled her federal civil lawsuit against her former employer for a whopping $500,000, according to reports.

Maegan Hall, who claimed she was “sexually groomed” by a cadre of male colleagues on the force, sued the city of La Vergne last year after word of her raunchy romps made national headlines.

On Wednesday, the La Vergne board voted 3-1 at a special meeting to settle the suit, WTVF News said.

“The La Vergne Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted tonight to authorize the mayor to sign a settlement agreement between the City of La Vergne and former police officer Maegan Hall,’ city leaders wrote in a statement, according to the outlet.

“The agreement was negotiated between the attorneys representing the city and Hall,” the statement said. “The City’s insurance provider will pay the sum of $500,000 to Hall as a gross settlement, which includes court costs, attorneys fees and expenses.

“The City denies any admission of liability and no taxpayer funds will be spent to settle this lawsuit.”

Hall, 28, made national headlines last year after her stationhouse sexcapades went public, including affairs with her supervisor, Sgt. Lewis Powell, and others.

According to an internal investigation, Hall hooked up with several colleagues, sent them nude pictures and went topless in a “Girls Gone Wild” themed hot tub party — and even performed oral sex on two cops while on duty.

She also allegedly had a threesome with one of the cops and his wife, according to the city’s report.

Imagine that women have as much power as they have in our society, and cannot be held responsible for what is some of the worst imaginable behavior.

Historically, bitches could get away with “oh poor me, it’s not my fault, I didn’t know, I’m just a woman!”, but at that time, they didn’t have “rights.” Now they have a lot more “rights” than men, but they’re still allowed to do this “but I’m just a helpless woman” thing and get paid for it.