US Vetoes UN Attempt to Recognize Palestinian State

I don’t understand what so-called “normal people” think when they see the way America supports Israel. How does it make sense, unless America is run by the Jews? How is that not the only possible explanation?

At least with Russia, you can see that the US is trying to destroy a competitor nation. They want to break up Russia, turn it into a democracy, and suck out their resources. You can look at it and understand it.

That said, most “normal people” think the US is backing the Ukraine because… let me see if I can grasp the zeitgeist here… they think the US is fighting Russia in order to liberate the people of the Ukraine from a genocide. Or something. Frankly, I cannot grasp the zeitgeist.

The best way I understand the “normal people” view of the Ukraine war is Kamala Harris’ explanation of why America was going to dump billions into this war shortly after the invasion. She said: “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine so, basically, that’s wrong.”

Regardless, the Ukraine is looked at by most “normal people” as some kind of morality crusade. Again, smarter “normal people” understand that the US views Russia as a competitor (in particular in light of their alliance with China) and is therefore trying to undermine it.

No such explanation exists for why the US government is so obsessed with Israel, despite the fact that only boomers care about Israel, and only 15% of Democrat voters sympathize with Israel – half that which sympathizes with Palestine.

This is from Pew.

America is on the verge of entering a major war, much bigger than anything else we’ve seen since World War II, and there is no explanation why – except “America is controlled by Jews.”

I guess the retards on college campuses would tell you Joe Biden is a white supremacist? Frankly, I don’t know what they would say. Do they talk about AIPAC and the amount of money Israel pours into American politics now? I don’t think they do. I would like to see someone serious do a poll of what the pro-Palestine protesters believe. Maybe go ahead and ask them about the Ukraine as well, lol. It is, hilariously and confoundingly, mostly the same people supporting the Ukraine war and opposing the Israel war.

Both American political parties are attempting to package these two wars together, framing them both as the moral responsibility of the American people. Tucker Carlson, very good on him, has actually been pretty vocal in opposing both. Most of the media supports both.

Obviously, anyone who understands anything is opposed to both wars, as they are exercises in slaughter for the financial and geopolitical benefit of a small minority of arms dealers, bankers, and globalists. But I can basically understand how “normal people” support both the Ukraine and the Palestinians, based on the framing of both as victims of evil white people. What I can’t understand is what these people think about the fact that the US is the big hero of the Ukraine and a genocidal maniac in Palestine.

And what do they think of the great warrior Zelensky offering unequivocal support for Israel?

Probably, the simple explanation is that this is all “vagina logic,” i.e., totally emotional nonsense devoid of reason. Joe Biden can be the hero and champion of the downtrodden and a genocidal maniac at the same time. Most of these “normal people” we’re discussing here are women or totally estrogenized men.

Nothing a woman thinks is really worth putting too much thought into, as a basic rule. But what we want to do is spread anti-Jewish propaganda, and take this sentiment against what Israel is doing, and turn it into a generalized opposition to international Jewry. To that end, it would be nice to understand how their thoughts work. However, I read reddits about support for Palestine, and I don’t understand it. It appears to be simply a very visceral opposition to Israel’s murder campaign. They do not seem to have a political framework beyond sheer emotionalism.

Still, they’re protesting Joe Biden everywhere he goes. They must be asking what is going on.

People should be going to these protests and handing out fliers about Jewish control of America. Just change “Jew” to “Zionist,” and show the Biden cabinet.

Secretary of State, Secretary of Homeland Security, Attorney General, Treasury Secretary – all Zionists.

The situation is so extreme.

Vetoing Palestinian statehood is madness in any normal paradigm of reality. The US, officially, is committed to a “two-state solution.” Now they want one state.

Frankly, there should be one state: Palestine. There is no benefit to anyone in the existence of an Israeli state.


The United States on Thursday effectively stopped the United Nations from recognizing a Palestinian state by casting a veto in the Security Council to deny Palestinians full membership of the world body.

It vetoed a draft resolution that recommended to the 193-member U.N. General Assembly that “the State of Palestine be admitted to membership” of the U.N. Britain and Switzerland abstained, while the remaining 12 council members voted yes.

“The United States continues to strongly support a two-state solution. This vote does not reflect opposition to Palestinian statehood, but instead is an acknowledgment that it will only come from direct negotiations between the parties,” Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Robert Wood told the council.


Do you read the news, buddy? Netanyahu has officially ruled out any discussion of a Palestinian state.

Who the hell is Robert Wood?

Ah, okay. That explains it. He can’t read.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the U.S. veto in a statement as “unfair, unethical, and unjustified.”

Palestinian U.N. Ambassador Riyad Mansour, at times emotional, told the council after the vote: “The fact that this resolution did not pass will not break our will and it will not defeat our determination. We will not stop in our effort.”

The Palestinian push for full U.N. membership came six months into a war between Israel and Palestinian militants Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and as Israel is expanding settlements in the occupied West Bank, which the U.N. considers to be illegal.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz commended the United States for casting a veto.

Addressing the 12 council members who voted in favor of the draft resolution, Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Gilad Erdan said: “It’s very sad because your vote will only embolden Palestinian rejectionism even more and make peace almost impossible.”

What does that mean?

Palestinian rejectionism doesn’t even exist anymore, save for among Hamas. Or, it didn’t before this genocide began. What he’s saying is the opposite of the truth: if the Palestinians believed they had a path to statehood, they would be much less inclined to fight.