NYC: White Guy Smashed in the Face with a Chair by Oppressed Negro Boy

If you’re white in America, you might just get smashed in the face with a chair while you’re eating pizza. By a black person. Because black people are victims from the slavery times.

We are on the road to a utopia.

New York Post:

A lifelong New Yorker who had a chair hurled at him by a maniac outside a Hell’s Kitchen pizzeria said he’s now afraid to go out at night.

Vincent Buccino, 64, was sitting outside Amore Pizza Cafe on West 58th Street and Ninth Avenue and chatting on his phone after taking a nighttime walk around his neighborhood when a man yelled out “Bitch!” and randomly chucked the chair at his head.

Buccino, a retiree who suffers from high blood pressure and kidney disease, blocked his head and dropped his phone, giving his attacker the chance to run off with it. Buccino, meanwhile, ended up with a broken forearm.

“It’s going to change my life,” Buccino told The Post from the Manhattan rehab center where he is recovering. “I just have a fear now, going out at night. I’m never going to be on my phone again. It was like a real animal thing happened, really terrible.”

The Sept. 9 attack, caught on a video that was released by cops this week, occurred around 10:30 pm. Police described the suspect as a man with a dark complexion, last seen wearing a blue shirt and black and white checkered sneakers.

Yeah, he had a dark complexion alright.

I can tell you that much.

Very dark indeed.

We all have a fear now. Or we should.

The blacks are coming to bring justice, because of slavery. They are victims from hundreds of years ago, and now whites will pay the price.

This is the way you make a utopia.