NY: Thousands Flood City Hall to Protest Against Proposed Homeless Shelter

Frankly, the homeless should be taken to compounds and turned into dog food or fertilizer.

We do not need these people in our society, and we really need to ask what is going on that we have them.

There is no organized anti-homeless movement, there are just scattered protests when people realize that a homeless shelter is being moved into their neighborhood.

New York Post:

More than 2,000 New Yorkers incensed over the city’s plan to build a homeless shelter in their south-central Brooklyn neighborhood descended on City Hall Thursday to voice their opposition to the proposal.

The residents, many brandishing signs and American flags, expressed fears the planned 32-room shelter — designed to accommodate up to 150 adult men — will become a magnet for drugs, crime and other trouble when it opens later this year.

They are dangerous and they always walk around and just come into the store and grab things without saying anything, and you don’t know if they have mental problems,” Susan Zhou, 35, a local pharmacy worker told The Post.

They’ll be walking on the street and hit people. They can hit you for no reason, it’s so dangerous.”

Leading the efforts were Assemblyman William Colton (D-47), and Councilmember Susan Zhuang (D-43), opponents of the plan who organized the rally, which grew so massive it spilled over into City Hall Park.

The new shelter being proposed for 2501 86th St. and 25th Avenue in Gravesend would be constructed as a hotel, complete with a community center, and then contracted by the city, Zhuang said.

Zhuang contends that the city jammed the plan through without consulting its neighbors.

The city wants to put it in our community without talking to us. Without giving us any information. They just want to do whatever they want.” Zhuang said.

Yeah, it’s always only the Chinese who are willing to say anything.

The blacks are like “maybe dem homeless be gets me some shit,” and whites are just cowards.