Fake Country of Kosovo Now Considering Anal “Marriage”

Fake country – real asshole.

Isn’t Kosovo supposed to be an Islamic terrorist state?


In a Pristina apartment, gay actors laugh and cry their way through rehearsals for a play lampooning homophobic politicians and advocating equal rights for the LGBT community in Kosovo, which may soon become the first Muslim-majority country to allow same-sex unions.

The play is scheduled to run during Pride Week in June, but may also coincide with a vote in parliament on a new civil code legalising civil unions between people of the same gender. It is not clear exactly when the vote will be held, but Kosovo PrimeMinister Albin Kurti said last month it would be soon.

The passage of the code, while still uncertain, would be a major boost for gay rights in the conservative Balkans country, although many in the community fear that it will not alter entrenched attitudes.

They’ve already been doing anal parades for years, so why not?

During rehearsals, lesbian play director Arlinda Morina said she would marry her partner if the law is passed. But she did not expect to become suddenly accepted in society.

“It will make a big noise and it will give a little shake to the country, but I don’t believe it will change much the way we are treated,” she told Reuters.

“What could marriage change when you still are spat at and insulted in the street?”

While most of Western Europe has moved towards marriage equality, rights are restricted in much of central and eastern Europe.

Nearby Greece passed same-sex marriage into law earlier this year, becoming the first Orthodox Christian country to do so.

But in Kosovo, which is more than 90-percent Muslim, Prime Minister Kurti faces objections from some of his own lawmakers including Islamic conservatives who have blocked past efforts to pass the bill.

Why is he trying to do it, then?

Why is every government obsessed with forcing gay sex on the population?

I know and you know, but don’t normal people ask?

Among the opponents is Duda Balje, a lawmaker and chairperson of the Parliamentary Commission for Human Rights.

“We don’t want pressure from a small community to override what the majority is thinking,” she told Reuters.

Kosovo’s constitution, passed when the former Yugoslav province declared independence in 2008, says everyone has the right to marry but that laws should be passed to regulate marriages.

The government did not respond to a question on when it expects the civil code to be voted on in parliament.

A lawmaker from the ruling party told Reuters on condition of anonymity that Kurti is trying to convince the opposition to pass the code, as well as energy and infrastructure agreements, by offering to call a snap election in return.

But why?

Why are democracies so obsessed with forcing things on people against their will?

Monarchies, communists, fascists – no one else did this, at least not on this scale.

Democracy is the only system that compulsively forces things on you.