NYT Says Zelensky Worried Brandon is Going to Cut His Allowance

I’ll say again: I don’t make predictions and no one has any idea what is going on with this war, including the people planning it.

I will say that the situation is the same as it always was: the US can surrender or start WWIII.

They may well want to move this whole thing to Africa, for some reason.

The New York Times is a government publication, so if they are saying the US is pushing for a surrender, that is something the government wants people to think is happening. Of course, it could also be the opposite of what is actually happening.


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is reportedly worried that Western nations may ramp up pressure to negotiate a peace agreement with Russia, ending a bloody conflict that has killed tens of thousands of Kiev’s troops in just the past two months.

As furious battles raged across the front lines of Europe’s bloodiest war in decades, Mr. Zelensky told his ambassadors on Wednesday that things would grow even more difficult as pressure was likely to build in the coming months to find a negotiated path to peace,” the New York Times reported on Saturday.

The Ukrainian president described Wednesday’s gathering in Kiev with diplomats as an “emergency strategy session” heading into this weekend’s Ukraine peace summit in Saudi Arabia, the newspaper said. “The meeting is the starting point of what is expected to be a major Ukrainian diplomatic push in the coming months to try to undercut Russia.”

Zelensky told his ambassadors that they must use every available tool – “official and unofficial, institutional and media, cultural diplomacy and the power of ordinary human sincerity” – to convince both allies and neutral nations that “the only road to a lasting peace is complete Russian defeat,” according to the report.

No one other than the Americans believe that, and the Americans do not even want a lasting peace.

They literally want endless war.

However, many of the nations attending the summit in Saudi Arabia have resisted US pressure to take sides in the crisis, seeing the conflict as a “contest between superpowers” in which they want no part. “This is not only a conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” said Celso Amorim, an adviser to Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Speaking remotely on Saturday at the Saudi-hosted summit, he added: “This is also a chapter in the longstanding rivalry between Russia and the West.”

Russian officials have argued that Kiev’s Western backers are only prolonging the bloodshed in Ukraine by continuing to send billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to the former Soviet republic. More than 43,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed since Kiev began a counteroffensive in the Donbass region in early June, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday.

This Saudi thing seems like a joke, just an attempt by the West to try to convince some of these third parties that they are not insane.

The situation is the same, however: 85% of the world refuses to side with the US agenda against Russia, and even in the countries where the governments do side with the US, there is mounting pressure from the populations to just stop this retarded nonsense.

Of course, all of the countries that side with the Americans are democracies, meaning that the opinions of the populations are completely irrelevant to the actions of the government. So maybe that is a moot point.

As long as these countries still have their current view of the role of women in society, whatever the media says goes.