Observations of Immigrants in Greece

Andrew Angin
Daily Stormer
August 17, 2013

Typical Muslims in Europe.
Typical Muslim immigrants.

Please note that all of this is based on personal observation, over a relatively short period of time. Anyone who has had more experience in Greece, or other parts of Europe flooded with the various hordes, is welcome to correct anything that they may see as being wrongly portrayed here.

There are all sorts of savages running around Athens, and I have made it a point to observe them. They are pretty well all Muslims.

Firstly, it is shocking how involvement in criminality is virtual universal among immigrant populations. Or, maybe that isn’t shocking, in theory, and it is simply shocking to witness it.

The least criminal, and generally least aggressive/threatening, are the Bangladeshis. All of these people I have come across have been friendly and respectful, and they are most often engaged in some sort of productive business; granted, they are draining the economy with these businesses, in a way that is totally unfair to the local population, sending the profits overseas and taking away opportunities that could otherwise go to Greeks, but we can note that this is much better than the behavior of the other groups.

The worst folk here are the Arabs. They, along with a small portion of the Pakistani and and a larger portion of the black African population working with them on lower levels, run most, if not all of the drugs and foreign prostitutes. Arabs are also the most likely to assault and rob people on the street, and tend to give the most hateful stares at locals and White/Asian tourists.

Though the Pakistanis are sexually depraved, and as likely as the Arabs to make crude statements to White women, they are more likely than the Arabs to run a cigarette or mobile phone shop and attempt to make an ‘honest’ living. Pakis do not appear to be heavily involved in drugs and prostitution, though they do, as mentioned, sometimes work in lower levels of these industries for the Arabs running them. Pakis can also be seen selling bottles of water and umbrellas – as well as a number of useless items, such as needle-threaders and children’s goo-toys – on the street. Often times they will work in groups and try to pickpocket tourists.

The Gypsies are possibly the most annoying. They do what everyone knows them to do, playing their accordions in your face and passing a hat around, demanding a bribe before they agree to stop this infernal noise. The children also beg, of course, along with the old folk, often times accenting their beggary with the sale of packets of tissues.

The Turks are somewhat more civilized than all of the rest, having, as they do, the most White blood in their veins. Some of them are actually White enough to pass for Greek. They are mainly here to find work, and there are not great numbers of them, as they are a group more welcome in Germany than the rest of the hordes.

Finally, the black Africans are the most scary – walking around in robes, often with tribal scar-markings on their simian faces – but again, less likely to attack than the Arabs. The blacks work directly for the Arabs in the drug trade, but the only prostitutes they are capable of running

Take note that these different groups are as likely to fight with one another as they are to fight with the local population. This, I find interesting.


Some Observations of White Immigrants in Greece

Typical Romanian immigrant.
Typical Romanian immigrant.

Along with the savage hordes, there are also a good number of White immigrants from non-EU countries (or recently inducted EU countries) living and/or working in Greece.

The main problem with these groups is that in a situation of economic collapse, it is not the least bit helpful to have your wages undercut by foreigners of any kind, even if they are not particularly problematic otherwise, and tend to integrate well in the second generation. The problems with these people, I believe, would work themselves out in the same way that the problems with Irish and Italian immigrants worked themselves out in the United States, all things being equal.

The Romanians and Bulgarians appear to be more difficult than the Albanians and Slavs, as a rule.

Romanians and Bulgarians seem almost bloodthirsty in their obsessive self-protection, but this is mainly manifest only in the undercutting of labor. Still, it makes them less likely to integrate on a social level, and more likely to be seen as weird outsiders, even after a generation has been born here.

Albanians are closer to Greeks genetically, and, if not Muslim, culturally as well. Many of the Albanian immigrants are actually ethnically Greek. Still, they suffer mental problems from communism, in the same way that the others do.