Ode to the Golliwog

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 10, 2013

This week there was a black woman in England who has actually taken her boss to court because he used the word ‘golliwog’ to describe a golliwog. The conversation was about the removal of the golliwog icon from Robertson’s jam. She was offended at the accurate use of an English noun, and is now claiming compensation for damages. This is insane. I can understand why cursing and swearing can be seen as offensive, but using accurate terminology for an object should be commended, not legislated against.

A while back, I found myself in a similar situation. I was in a chat-room, and I referred to an African cannibal that was killing another cannibal as a ‘black savage.’ I was castigated for imposing my standards on another race and putting blacks down. Exactly what the politically correct term is for an African cannibal in the process of butchering another, I do not know.

The intention of the social engineers behind all of this is to try and prevent people from being able to put their thoughts into words, in the hope that those thoughts will no longer exist. Although this will not stop African cannibals from existing, it will prevent anyone from being able to describe their existence.

But let’s take a step back and be honest with ourselves: What do we see when we look at the Negro?

And what does the Negro see when he looks at the Golliwog?

Inferiority Complex

The golliwog was a much loved children’s toy, and a part of the childhood of every Briton over the age of 40. It was never meant to be offensive, and actually gave children a false view of black people as harmless. As a representation of a black person, they tend to accentuate their more positive attributes; the golliwog is always smiling, there is nothing intrinsically offensive about them. It is impossible to understand why blacks don’t like them, unless they don’t like what they themselves look like.  And I can understand black people not liking their appearance when they compare themselves to Whites.

Black people never had a problem with their looks until they were told that they were the same species as Whites. Beauty products for Blacks which claim to make them look White are a massive industry. You rarely ever see natural black hair anymore – the men shave it all off or braid it, the women straighten it or wear wigs. They try to whiten their skin with lotions and bleaches, thinking that by doing this they will look more beautiful. By telling Blacks that they are the same species as Whites we have taught them to hate their own appearance.

Blacks are now ashamed of their own hair and do their best to hide it.

By telling them they are as capable as Whites if they only just applied themselves, we have made them feel like failures when they cannot achieve the same. It is no surprise that they drop out of school and are happy to claim welfare and just breed. That is what is in their nature. They are a completely different species, and the lie that they are the same as us has required much falsification of science and indoctrination in the media.

If they had been taught they were the king of the animals and to compare themselves to other apes, they would have been extremely proud of their features and feel blessed at how close they looked to man. They would be pleased with the gifts that they had been given and grateful to man for looking after them, the same as pets are grateful for being fed and looked after.

In Africa, they roam in herds eating whatever they come across that they can catch or pull up. They are incapable of planting a seed on their own accord and waiting for it to grow, in the same way that other aanimals are unable to do this. They breed by just taking whatever female they feel like when the urge takes them. The females just expect this to happen when they are around the males, and are themselves so hyper sexual that they don’t seem to mind it.  They have the same word for rape as they do for consensual sex.

Africans-Versus-Prehistoric-BeaversIf you compare their housing to what other animals live in, there is much similarity with the beaver, and their bodies have more in common with the great apes than they do with Caucasian man. Sometimes their nose bones are united into one and they have yellow membranes that cover the lower part of their eyes just like gorillas. Their offspring are able to hold their heads up on their own within 6 hours of birth. They have a high fertility rate to compensate for the large amount of mortality in their young, where the pups are just left to feed for themselves once they have finished weaning.

Wherever you find a herd of Negroes, you will find rubbish, the same as wherever you find other animals you will find the remains of what they have eaten. There really is very little to the essential Negro that bears any resemblance to a Caucasian. It is only because they have been taught that they are something different to what they really are that they are unhappy with their lot. Is the bear unhappy to be a bear? Would he be offended to be called an affectionate name? Would he be offended at a toy bear that accentuated his smile?

Blacks will even litter their rubbish around the area they draw their fresh water in.
Blacks will even litter their rubbish around the area they drawer their fresh water in.

The worst thing that ever happened to the black man was to be told that he was the same species as the White. It has been equally damaging to the White man, who has seen the way the Black behaves and thought that it was fine for him to do the same. Marriage has never existed in Africa in the way that it does in Europe, and I doubt that they even know what love is. Like most animals, I am sure they can become fond of certain people, and like all mammals, a bond develops between mother and young, but once the young are grown, the bond disappears.

Even Barry Obama has nothing to do with the rest of his family. They have no relevance to him, the same as animals from the same litter hardly seem to recognise each other and may even kill each other, when they meet up as adults. 70% of Black children are brought up in single parent families, 20% are born to teenagers and this behaviour has now also been adopted by Whites.

The golliwog accentuates all the unique features of Blacks, it is nonsensical that they should not like them.
The golliwog accentuates all the unique features of Blacks, it is nonsensical that they should not like them.

The White man became so enamored with the strangeness of the black that he made children’s toys of him that accentuated his features, particularly the large mouths that have many more teeth than those of White people. At least the golliwog is smiling. I do not see many blacks smiling now that they have been taught they are the same as us. I just see angry blacks, resentful at what they think we have stolen from them.

How anyone can be offended at a doll that represents them being enjoyed by another people with a harmless name like ‘golliwog’ I just do not know. Do blacks have white dolls in Africa called a ‘golly gosh’? Would anyone White be offended if they did? Having a black dolly in a country that had no blacks living in it shows that the people living there had a great sympathy for other creatures. It showed that they were not self-centered, and felt compassion for the other races. It showed that they were not prejudiced against other peoples, but felt affection for them. If this were not true, then the golly would never have sold. It didn’t just sell, but was so popular it was used as a symbol to sell other products.

It is only since being deceived into thinking that they are the same species as us that such nonsense as pretending to be offended at Golliwogs could happen. They realized they would be rewarded if they rejected the word ‘nigger,’ and are now looking for other words that they can reject for approval. It is obvious that they do not actually understand context, as the golliwog case shows. They just know that they will gain approval if they reject the word when they hear it.

Blacks in the wild lack the parenting skills that Whites have, and their fertility rate reflects this.
Blacks in the wild lack the parenting skills that Whites have, and their fertility rate reflects this.

They try to imitate the White man and just say what they think the white man wants to hear. They cannot learn in the way that the White man does, although they are good imitators; all they can really do is be trained. They have been trained to react to certain words, and think they will gain approval by doing so. The more intelligent ones make the perfect puppets because of this – they will say whatever they are taught to say, without adding an opinion of their own, because they are unable to actually form an opinion of their own.

Some of them reject the training entirely, and go back to acting on impulse. These are the ones who commit the most horrific crimes and then deny responsibility for their actions. They are right – they are not responsible for the things they do, in the same way that a dog is not responsible for the things it does. A sheepdog can be trained, but it will never be able to be left on its own to herd the sheep. The black man can be trained, but he can never be left on his own to run anything, as we see in South Africa, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Detroit, Liberia, Nigeria etc.

This case of the black who hated the word ‘Golliwog’ serves to demonstrate how different Whites are to blacks. It shows that they are incapable of understanding context, and proves that they are just looking to be rewarded, like any other pet. The woman obviously does not understand that by complaining about the accurate use of the word she is just making herself look stupid, petty and money-grubbing. All she is capable of understanding is that it is a bad word. It also shows how double standards are being applied here. It is only the white man that can be prosecuted for using words from his own language, in his own country.

It doesn’t matter how many words they ban, it will never change the black man from being what he is. Whether we can describe him or not, he will always be black. He will always be different to the White man, and the only way the two could ever be made equal is if the white man became a beast too.