Of Stabbed Rappers and Chemical Gassings

Killah P.

The level of media coverage of the stabbing of the Greek rapper Killah P is astonishing. This is exactly what the Jews were waiting for, as is evidenced by the clearly premeditated manner in which the media is attacking the Golden Dawn.

Very clear parallels can be drawn between the media presentation of the stabbing of this rapper and their handling of the alleged chemical gassing in Syria; looking at this may give us a very clear view into the way the media manipulates our reality, to the benefit of the Jewish race.

1.) Emotional Exploitation of the People

In both situation, an event took place, and was exploited for emotional purposes.

The media keeps bringing in the rapper’s family to cry, and claim that this was an ‘assassination.’

They are also showing this old woman laying a wreath on the grave of the dead rapper (possibly a hoax of some type – why would this old woman care about a dead rapper?):

A resident of Keratsini, Piraeus, Greece, lays flowers where Pavlos Fyssas was murderedWe can compare this to the pictures of the gassed children we were shown over and over again.

2.) An Enemy Accused, Tried and Convicted by the Media

Just as there was no evidence that Assad had anything to do with the release of chemical weapons in Syria, there is zero evidence that the hierarchy of the Golden Dawn had anything to do with the stabbing of Killah P.

The establishment media outlets in America dealing with the chemical gassing in Syria very quickly moved from stating that it was ‘alleged’ that Assad did it, to implying that it was an established fact that he did it. In the same way, the Greek media has decided, in unison, to make the claim that this was an assassination. The same tricks are being used – bringing in ‘experts’ to comment on the situation, hiding under the guise that they are merely showcasing opinion, while in fact pressuring the audience to accept a baseless conclusion.

In both cases, the action would have been against the interests of those accused, and yet the media convicts them without providing evidence of involvement or a motive.

3.) Media Demand for Illegal Action Against Media-Convicted Enemy

When it was claimed that Assad had gassed his own people for no reason, the American media demanded the US begin bombing his country to save freedom. After the stabbing of Killah P, the media here began demanding that the government ban the Golden Dawn to save freedom.

Both of these acts would be illegal, but if the media is able to get away with convincing the people that these things must be done in order to save freedom, the fact that they are illegal doesn’t matter.

In the End

I believe the result of the Jewish attempts to ban the Golden Dawn will be the same as the results of the Jewish attempt to force the US into a war with Syria: failure.

The Jews are acting erratic now, as things are falling apart and they aren’t any more capable of understanding how to deal with these increasingly complex and confusing times than anyone else is – in fact, their obsessive, ego-driven genetic behavior patterns, which they are incapable of changing, makes them significantly less capable than the rest of us of analyzing and responding to complexity.

As Jewish domination continues to weaken, a new order will emerge from the violence that the old order has left in its wake.