Offensive Black Bastard Jamie Foxx is Totally Braindead from the Vax! HA!

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Aside from QAnon and white supremacists, the blacks were the only ones saying this whole thing was a hoax and a scam!

Imagine being black, but being such a stupid black that you can’t even listen to the advice of other blacks!

That’s a recipe for brain death!

But seriously – I can joke around, because I really hate this guy, but it’s pretty wild that the media is now just reporting that the vax is making people braindead.

This is from an article from “OK Magazine” that is being syndicated on MSN:

Horrific health details have been revealed regarding Jamie Foxx’s mysterious medical state.

The Django Unchained star is said to be “partially paralyzed and blind,” in addition to a series of other complications after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, Hollywood journalist A.J. Benza claimed after speaking to a source close to Foxx.

Jamie had a blood clot in his brain after he got the shot. He did not want the shot, but the movie he was on, he was pressured to get it,” confessed the podcaster — who formally worked as a columnist for the New York Daily News and as a host of the E! series Mysteries and Scandals — during an appearance on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s online show “Ask Dr. Drew.”

It is really amazing that we are currently having this conversation.

“The blood clot in the brain caused him at that point to be partially paralyzed and blind,” Benza alleged, as he insisted his insider was “someone in the room” with first-hand knowledge of Foxx’s hospitalization.

Foxx was admitted to the hospital after suffering a “medical complication” on Thursday, April 11, although specific details on his current health status have been difficult to discover.

The 55-year-old’s medical woes mounted while filming his latest movie Back in Action. The movie, also starring Cameron Diaz, has moved forward with production without Foxx, using a body double in his place.

“Yah, that nigga’s braindead from that vax. He took it because he’s stupid and black. We’re bringing in a body double. That stupid bitch Diaz’ brain is probably about to explode too, so get a body double for her – one with better tits, please.”

Here’s the full Dr. Drew segment. This Benza guy is a real Hollywood journalist, he’s not some conspiracy theorist.

The media is obviously just quoting this guy, not necessarily agreeing that Fox has brain damage, is paralyzed and blind, as a result of the vax. But they are reporting that this guy is saying it.

And I mean, it is a stroke they are talking about. There is no reason that a healthy 55-year-old should have a stroke. This sort of thing wasn’t happening before the vax.

The people who were trying to claim the vax was safe are now saying “haha, not everyone who took it died, hahaha, many people are still alive and didn’t have strokes or heart attacks, haha.”

Talk about a cope.

I never said everyone would die. No one but a few really fringe people ever made that claim.

What I said is exactly what we are seeing: that the vax would take decades off of people’s lives. So you’re seeing strokes, you’re seeing various heart-related issues, you’re seeing various forms of “died suddenly” that they don’t really even explain.

Of course, the next wave, which I predict will be much more significant, will be the cancers. We are already seeing young people get weird cancers for no reason, but this is going to go nuts over the next 5-10 years, and for some people, after that.

The vax basically attacks all of your systems by forcing every cell in your body to produce this spike protein. So there is no reason it shouldn’t cause every problem.

That said: the vax only seems to “work” – i.e., completely wreck your body – if it was kept at the correct temperature. If it was not kept at the correct temperature, then the active mRNA ingredient deteriorated or broke down, became inert, and it doesn’t cause the body to make the spike protein so it doesn’t really do anything.

Given that a lot of people were getting the vax at Walgreens and the process was run by like, fat black women, it’s probable that a lot of people did not get an active dose of the mRNA.

So if you took the vax, or your loved ones did, it’s possible you’re not doomed. There is a lot of data about different batches, and some of the batches seem to have zero deaths associated with them, while others have a lot of deaths associated with them. It’s possible that’s related to the temperature, and it’s also possible they sent out placebos.

Who the hell knows. I don’t know.

I sure am glad I didn’t take it though.

Having a hard time feeling bad for the arrogant prick Jamie Foxx, however.

Basically, when I hear about this guy taking the vax and going brain dead, I make the same face Ted Cruz makes when he hears that Uganda is banning gay anal – except I make the face for completely different reasons.