Official Ferguson Thread: Happening Now

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2014

Whites attacked?  Who would have thought?
Whites attacked? Who would have thought?

The Ferguson decision will be announced any minute now.  I’m going to have to be away from the computer for a number of hours, but wanted to make a post for people to comment on and discuss the happenings, leave links and what not.

Several sites are doing live updates – here are some links:


Washington Post

The Guardian

LA Times

They are already basically rioting and attacking Whites on the streets. Funnily, they are accusing them of being KKK. It looks like the faggot Anonymous operation to accuse the KKK of a secret plot might be what sets off the race war, with paranoid, stupid Blacks attacking any White person they see because they think they’re in a KKK conspiracy.

Double funny is that it is almost certainly only leftist Whites who are going to get attacked, as they are the only ones stupid enough to think Blacks want their moral support in the middle of an impending race riot.

Countdown in Times Square...
Countdown in Times Square…

By the way, Anonymous is still attempting to shut down our speech, so the Cloudflare mega-blocker will remain on for the time being. You’ll see the screen every few minutes, and might have to enter a captcha.

As the goal of Anonymous is to silence any dissenting voices who dare to disagree with the mainstream media about what is happening in Ferguson, they are likely to keep hitting us. But we should be good.

Oh and another note: That #PantsUpDontLoot billboard was sadly cancelled. I keep meaning to write about it. It’s a shame. It would have been glorious.

But whatever happens now is going to be glorious. The world will see what these Blacks really are, and the leftists there helping them are going to be the first to get made aware of the nature of the Black.

Never forget that we told you so.
Never forget that we told you so.

May the Lord be with Darren Wilson and may God bless America.

Hail Victory.