Oklahoma: “Nonbinary” Girl Beat to Death in the School Bathroom

Pretty girl, really. I mean. Passable. She coulda been somebody’s wife.

Protip: if you don’t act like a freak, no one is going to beat you to death in the school bathroom.

It’s an important life lesson.

Another cool lifehack is that if you’re gonna try some shit like this, don’t do it in Oklahoma. They are a lot less likely to take kindly.

New York Post:

An Oklahoma teen died earlier this month after she and another student were severely beaten inside a school bathroom, according to reports.

Sophomore Dagny Benedict, 16, was involved at a fight at Owasso High School in suburban Tulsa on February 7, according to 2 News.

A school staffer finally broke up the melee after Benedict, a straight A student, and a classmate were battered for an extended period — reportedly by three older female students.

While her family’s obituary used female pronouns, mother Sue Benedict told The Independent the teen was non-binary and used the name “Nex.”

The heartbroken parent said the other victim was also non-binary.

“Hi, my name’s Nex. It’s not a girl, I’m non-binary.”


You were asking for it.

No one cares about your attention whoring, and some people are going to get really mad about it.

The mom said Benedict was often bullied at school, and had fallen and hit her head during the bathroom fight.

Benedict suffered bruising and cuts across her face as a result of the attack.

“I didn’t know how bad it had gotten,” her mom told the outlet.

Yeah, well – this is your fault.

Why would you let your daughter do this?


I know it was to punish her father. Everyone knows that.

2 News quoted the parent of the other victim, who said her daughter saw Benedict being attacked and the assailants “beating her head across the floor.”

Benedict, according to reports, was unable to reach the nurse’s office because of the injuries she sustained.

The parent of the witness said school staffers failed to call police or an ambulance, and Benedict’s relatives rushed the bruised teen to the hospital after school.

Benedict’s stunned relatives called police from the hospital to inform them of the fight.

Benedict was released from the hospital that same day, but was readmitted the next day, Feb. 8, where she tragically died.

The doctors must have also wanted her to die, which is why they didn’t manage the brain bleed.

Sue Benedict told The Independent her child collapsed at home on the way to an appointment the day of her death.

Local police said they are still determining a cause of death, but the mother of Benedict’s friend believes the teen suffered severe trauma in the fight.

“I think complications from brain trauma, head trauma, is what caused it,” the mother of the other victim told 2 News.

The cause of the confrontation remains under investigation.

Police said they are awaiting toxicology reports to determine if there was another possible underlying medical condition which may have caused Benedict’s tragic passing.

Nah. If you get your head smashed to the point of brain bleed and the doctors don’t drill a hole to release the pressure you will die in a couple days.

The Owasso Public School District has declined to comment on the case citing the ongoing investigation.

It remained unclear Tuesday if Benedict’s attackers would face charges.

No, don’t charge them.

You shouldn’t beat people to death in the bathroom, but doing that is a lot better than being “nonbinary.”

The school has some kind of “pride” sign out in front of it.

(American schools sure do look like abstract art prisons, huh?)

So I’m sure every normal kid at the school had really had enough of this shit being shoved down their throats.

If you’re gonna charge anyone, charge the school administrators who were forcing this weirdo shit on the kids, and thereby drove them to violence.

Maxed-out mitigating circumstances.


I know the reader is wondering about the race of the attackers. The answer is almost certainly “black.” We don’t really see other races doing things like this, really ever.

Tulsa is nearly 20% black for reasons I don’t understand. it’s also over 5% Indian, and they are no doubt fed up with the gay shit too, but I doubt they would beat some bitch to death in the bathroom.

These Tulsa race numbers are from 2010. “Non-hispanic white” is probably at 40% now, roflmao. We are so fucked.

What the story doesn’t even say is if it was a boys or a girl’s bathroom. Under Joe Biden, basically every city in the country is just allowing people to choose their bathroom, so she could have been in a boys bathroom with black boys and just gotten totally wrecked. Although, in that case, there would probably also be “sexual assault” allegations. Even if they didn’t rape her, they’d rip her clothes off.

So, I’m thinking: black girls.

I’m also thinking no one is going to get charged, because none of the blacks will rat. They’ll all just say they don’t know what happened, they weren’t there, she probably fell down, etc.