Feminist Triumph: New Zealand’s Fertility Rate Drops to Record Low

Imagine being a 35-year-old woman and realizing you’re never going to have children, and that no men of any quality are willing to have sex with you anymore.

What are you supposed to do with the remaining 40-odd years of your life?

For most of these women, the answer is “hurt as many other people as possible, as revenge against society.”

One thing is for certain: they are dead weight, which will contribute nothing to society.

The things women are capable of contributing are sex and children, and after a certain age, they can’t contribute those things, and they are simply a drain on the system.

Logically, they should be euthanized.

The Guardian:

New Zealand’s fertility rate slumped to a record low in 2023, official data shows, as the total number of births also dropped.

The fertility rate tracks the average number of births women will have in their lifetime. New Zealand, along with many countries around the world, has seen this number drop as factors like education, participation in the workforce, and access to contraception contribute to women having fewer children.

Telling a woman she’ll be happier working and having sex with strange men than having children is like telling an autistic boy he’ll be happier if he cuts his dick off.

We know these things are false. We have a whole lot of data. But the government/media just lies.

Statistics NZ data released on Monday found there were 1,932 fewer babies born in the year ending December 2023 than in the year before, the lowest number of registered births in 20 years. The drop was despite a 3% increase in the number of women between 15 and 49 years old, the ages at which most children are born.

Children are born to 49-year-old women?


The combination of fewer births and more women in the population led to the fertility rate hitting a record low of 1.56 births per woman. In 2022, the rate was 1.66, and it remains far below the 2.1 needed to replace population numbers in the long term.

It’s infinity nigger time, baby.

“The latest decline reflects a continued trend of smaller average family-sizes and increased rates of childlessness, although the total fertility rate is also affected by changes in the age of giving birth,” said Rebekah Hennessey, Stats NZ’s population insights analyst.

New Zealand’s declining fertility rates reflect international trends, particularly in the west. Sinking birthrates have prompted fears over ageing populations, workforce shortages and ‘ghost towns’, but the benefits of population decreases have also been noted, particularly by those worried about the effects of overpopulation on the environment.

They say that.

Then they say that the birthrate collapse is a crisis, and therefore we must have infinity immigration.

They say both things, constantly, and never comment on the fact that they are saying both things.