Old Jew Bitch Tries to Suppress Italians’ Freedom, Then Claims Victimhood When Patriots Resist

Daily Stormer
November 9, 2019

“Memory Makes You Free” – No, I think that was Arbeit, dear.

An old Jew bitch has demanded the Italian government set up a commission to persecute goyim who talk back. Some goy then talked back to her, protesting against these plans. She then claimed to be the victim of these back-talking goyim and declared that this proved the need for a commission to persecute them. Crying out in pain while they suppress you.


An 89-year-old Holocaust survivor in Italy has been assigned police guards for protection after receiving hundreds of threats on social media.

Liliana Segre, who was sent to the notorious Auschwitz death camp at 13, has been subjected to a barrage of anti-Semitic messages in recent days.

It comes after Ms Segre, an Italian life senator, called for parliament to establish a committee to combat hate.

The motion passed despite a lack of support by Italy’s right-wing parties.

Members of the nationalist League party, led by Matteo Salvini, the centre-right Forza Italia and the far-right Brothers of Italy all abstained from the vote in Milan last week.

The motion called for the establishment of an extraordinary commission in Italy to combat all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, incitement to hatred and violence on ethnic and religious grounds.

Ms Segre said after the vote that the abstentions made her feel “like a Martian in the Senate”.

“I appealed to the conscience of everyone and thought that a commission against hatred as a principle would be accepted by all,” she said at the time, Italy’s La Repubblica reported (in Italian).

Since then, she has reported receiving as many as 200 hate messages a day.

The old bitch was appointed to the Italian senate for life. Most of the senate is elected, but a few seats are by appointment only. She got one of them. Her claim to fame is that she didn’t get killed by Hitler. She goes around giving speeches saying things like “Oh, it was terrible not to be killed by Hitler. The memory of not being killed by Hitler is seared into my brain. This proves we need to persecute goyim and not let them speak.”

No doubt the thought will never occur to her that if you go around trying to suppress people’s freedom, maybe it is not entirely irrational for them to hate you.