Omicron Producing Supply Shortages, About to Close Entire US Economy


Here’s your “next phase of the narrative.”

It’s not really very deadly, but it’s very infectious, so basically, we have to totally shut down the economy, because of selective quarantines.

The Guardian:

Schools going virtual, airlines canceling flights, pharmacies and testing centers closing temporarily, shelves emptying in grocery stores because of transportation delays, blood donations dropping to crisis levels for the first time ever and the country’s hospitals are becoming stretched. This is the US in the grip of the Omicron variant.

Omicron may cause milder symptoms in some people, but its effects are ricocheting throughout America and creating some of the greatest challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have supply shortages, we have transportation shortages, that are a result of people being out because of Covid, and especially Omicron being so infectious. And that is obviously limiting the workforce, and limiting the workforce is creating some of the havoc that we’re all experiencing,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, vice-provost at the University of Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden has vowed to keep businesses and schools open, but some experts wonder if that’s possible given the nature of Omicron and the lack of adequate measures to combat it.

The economy cannot stay open and schools cannot stay open when so many people are getting sick,” said Margaret Thornton, an educational researcher at Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. “We must take action to slow the spread in order to keep schools running, to keep businesses running,” she said – but much of that action has been slow to happen.

In order to control Omicron and future surges, officials need to rely on tried-and-true tactics, from testing to high-quality masks and better ventilation, say some health experts.

We’re going to say this over and over again: remember all those people who told you this was going to end in 2022?

Also, remember what we told you.

We had the documents from the elite, we read those documents, we told you that this was never going to end because it was always a fake crisis designed to completely transform global human existence.

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We didn’t watch interviews with politicians and bureaucrats and try to “follow The Science.”

If you’re still getting tricked into all of these different delusions, then please, just give up on trying to figure it out and just take whatever is written on the Daily Stormer as accurate. We are not theorizing.