Orban Makes Surprise Visit to Moscow, Says It’s Time to End Retarded Ukraine War

Orban wants to be the negotiator here.

He’s probably the best-suited for the job, but they won’t let him do it.

When the time comes for negotiation, they’ll most likely go back to Turkey.


Talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Friday revolved around finding the “shortest way out” of the Ukraine conflict, the latter revealed during a joint press conference following the closed-doors negotiations.

Moscow’s and Kiev’s positions remain very “far apart,” Hungary’s PM admitted, citing his recent trip to Kiev to meet the Ukrainian leadership.

“A lot of steps have to be taken to get closer to a resolution of the war. Still, we’ve already taken the most important step—establishing the contact, and I will continue to work on this in the future,” Orban stated.

The enduring conflict between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the broader European region, Orban noted, adding that the continent has enjoyed the most rapid and sustainable development only during peacetime.

“As I’ve already told Mr President, Europe needs peace. Yet this peace will not emerge by itself, we must work to reach it,” the visiting premier said.

The Russian president has reiterated Moscow’s readiness to resolve the hostility through negotiations. The Ukrainian leadership, however, appears to be still incapable of abandoning its idea of waging a war “until the end,” Putin noted.

Moscow is seeking to reach lasting, sustainable peace rather than opting for a temporary ceasefire or a “frozen conflict” of any sort, the Russian president warned.

The conflict can only be solved through negotiations. Or a total obliteration of the Ukraine, which Putin is apparently unwilling to do unless his back is against the wall.

If you did a man-on-the-street poll in Moscow, probably 70% of the population would support firebombing or nuking Kiev. But that would be the excuse NATO is looking for to invade, so it’s really a nonstarter.

So then, the option if there is no negotiations is a siege of Kiev, which would be a total nightmare for all parties, but probably would not trigger a NATO invasion.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see if anything changes after the election, especially if it is someone other than Biden in office. Israel is pissed about this war, because they want the weapons and money that are going to the Ukraine for Bibi’s “seven-front war.”

Anyway, Biden can’t surrender in the Ukraine before the election, or such is the common wisdom. I think elections are fake anyway, and it doesn’t really matter what he does, but at the same time, they want things to be as believable as possible.

It will be interesting to see if Orban gets sanctioned over this visit. I think he did somehow violate sanctions by meeting with Putin. I’m sure it violates something. This is the first time any EU leader has gone to meet Putin since February 2022 (the last one to meet him was Macron, I think in January of 2022).

Ironically, it might have been possible to hold the peace talks in Budapest if he hadn’t done this meeting.

But I’m glad he did it.

It’s definitely a sign things are changing. There is a shift.

Of course, I predicted that because the Israel war broke out, there would be a move to wrap up the Ukraine war months ago. But as I say: the common wisdom is that because Biden started this war, he can’t end it until after the election.

I should add: the US/NATO can always claim victory, because they’ve said from the beginning Putin was planning to conquer all of the Ukraine. No one really heard about his recent peace proposal that did not include conquering all of the Ukraine, so if they end it now and cede four oblasts and Crimea, most normies will be like “well, our anal heroes in Kiev took a hit, but they kept their main base intact.”

Last thing: because of this gay stuff and the migrant stuff, as well as the sanctions on China (which is now the backbone of the Hungarian economy), Orban is likely to try to escape the EU and never pay back any of the loans they gave him and join the Russian bloc. I don’t know when that will happen, but the EU is putting mega pressure on him over the immigration thing and a lot of pressure over the gay thing, and he’s said he’s not doing either, so his only real option is to flee the eurozone and attach his country to Russia.

This meeting could actually relate more to that plan than to the Ukraine war, and “hey, I’m just trying to do diplomacy” could be the excuse for a totally different agenda. Frankly, I don’t think Orban thinks he can solve the Ukraine war. I do think he’d prefer to host the negotiations, but again, if that was ever on the table, it’s off the table because of this visit, and I think most likely they’ll go back to Turkey and just do the same negotiations they did in March of 2022, just with Russia having a lot more leverage than they did back then.