Orban Says China is Winning (Technically, They Already Won)

The truth is, the war is already over.

China won.

It’s just going to take a minute for gay retards to figure that out.


The world is facing the biggest power shift in decades, with the US poised to lose its leading position to China, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Saturday.

This could result in a major conflict between Washington and Beijing unless the US accepts that it cannot be the “winner” forever, he warned.

“[China] has become a manufacturing powerhouse and is now overtaking America,” Orban said in his annual speech in the town of Baile Tusnad in Romania’s Eastern Transylvania.

In just 30 years, China has undergone the industrial revolution that took the West around three centuries, the Hungarian prime minister said, adding that America is about to say ‘goodbye’ to its status as the world’s only superpower.

Beijing is also challenging the values Washington seeks to portray as universal, Orban said. China considers American values to be a “hostile ideology,” he said, adding that “there is some truth in it.”

“Some truth”?

It is pure truth.

Americanism is nothing but gay sex, Jews, mass immigration, and women controlling everything. And they demand that every country on earth accept this.

This is the problem.

People don’t care if America wants to destroy itself with this weird, creepy, satanic nonsense. But no one wants it forced on them.

America insisted on forcing it, now they lost, and now it’s over.