Orban Says He’ll Never Go to War with Russia

I used to question Orban’s sincerity. Not anymore.

He is a hero defending his country.


Hungarian PM Viktor Orban has pledged not to “fight” Russia or let the country get dragged into the Ukraine conflict as long as his government remains in power.

The prime minister made the remarks on Friday during an interview with local Kossuth Radio. Budapest sees the ongoing hostilities between Moscow and Kiev as a “close” yet “outside threat,” Orban explained.

“We are not involved in the war, Hungary is not at war with Russia, and will not be for as long as this government is in place, certainly not,” the PM stated.

Orban also slammed belligerent statements repeatedly made by “left-wing politicians” who have claimed their countries were “at war” with Russia already. The PM did not, however, point to any specific examples of such statements.

“When left-wing politicians say that ‘we are at war with Russia,’ while sitting at home in a comfortable armchair, they do not know what they are talking about. They have lost their minds. ‘We are at war with Russia’ is a statement that no sane person can afford since World War II.”

The people pushing for the war won’t ever say what the purpose of it is.

In a few unguarded moments, they will say it is about overthrowing the government of Russia. But otherwise, they try to say it is about controlling the Donbass, where no one even argues that the population wants to be controlled by the Ukraine.

This goofy nonsense is so ubiquitous that it is almost jarring to hear an adult speak basic common sense.