Outrage as Underage Teen Sluts Getting “Super Wild” on OnlyFans

If you’re going to try to make laws making it illegal for teenage girls to be sluts on the internet, while also never punishing the girls themselves, then hey – good luck, I guess.

Laws designed to keep a person from doing something that do not actually punish the person doing the thing do not work. It doesn’t even make any sense.


When a 16-year-old girl from Florida went missing in April 2023, her parents searched her phone, desperate for clues. What they found shocked them: For months, she’d sent nude photos and videos of herself to a man they now feared had abducted her.

“Some guy just flew in from New Jersey,” her bewildered father told a 911 dispatcher after reading her messages. “There’s some kind of sexual business and explicit photos… Something bad like that.”

The next day, sheriff’s deputies found the girl, partially naked, in a rented house with the man, according to police records. An investigation revealed he had posted dozens of sexual videos and images of the girl on OnlyFans, a booming online marketplace for homemade porn. One video, advertised for $20, showed the girl penetrating herself.

Watch me get super wild,” read the caption. The man, Ethan Diaz, 22, was later charged with human trafficking and other offenses. He has pleaded not guilty.

Well, in his home country, she’s not a “child.” So…

OnlyFans makes reassuring promises to the public: It’s strictly adults-only, with sophisticated measures to monitor every user, vet all content and swiftly remove and report any child sexual abuse material. “We know the age and identity of everyone on our platform,” said CEO Keily Blair in a speech last year. “No children allowed, nobody under 18 on the platform.”

The Florida girl’s case, detailed in police records, court documents and interviews with law enforcement, undercuts OnlyFans’ claims. And it’s not an isolated example.

Reuters documented 30 complaints in U.S. police and court records that child sexual abuse material appeared on the site between December 2019 and June 2024. The case files examined by the news organization cited more than 200 explicit videos and images of kids, including some adults having oral sex with toddlers. In one case, multiple videos of a minor remained on OnlyFans for more than a year, according to a child exploitation investigator who found them while assisting Reuters in its reporting and alerted authorities in June.

The impact on some victims was devastating. “After I found out about the video, I couldn’t go outside without being scared somebody saw my face,” a young man told a Massachusetts court after a film of his sexual encounter at age 15 with a volunteer football coach ended up for sale on OnlyFans.

Parents expressed disbelief and outrage. “There has to be accountability for these platforms,” the father of a 16-year-old boy from Kansas told Reuters. The family’s ordeal, he said, is “a wound that will never heal.”

Of the 30 cases reviewed by Reuters, more than half resulted in an arrest and at least three in criminal convictions. Most – including that of the missing Florida girl – involved adults accused of preying on minors to create explicit content and sell it on the site. In other cases, minors got past OnlyFans vetting to purvey their own sexually explicit material, police records show. In the case involving toddlers, a man used the site to send another man more than 100 files featuring the abuse of children of all ages.

The 30 cases almost certainly understate the presence of child sexual abuse material on OnlyFans. Reuters used public records laws to obtain documents mentioning OnlyFans from more than 250 of the largest U.S. law enforcement agencies. While nearly half the agencies provided records, many heavily redacted them or declined to disclose any cases involving children, citing state laws to protect minors’ identities.

Federal free-speech protections have largely immunized social media platforms from liability for abusive content posted by their users. But as concerns mount about online harms – particularly involving children – Congress is seeking to toughen federal laws to hold the platforms accountable.

At a U.S. Senate hearing in January on the effects of social media, lawmakers lambasted Meta and four other major platforms for allegedly failing to sufficiently protect children. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg pledged at the hearing to do better.

OnlyFans, which wasn’t summoned to the Senate hearing, has been praised by sex workers for making porn safer and more profitable. Celebrities and social media influencers, teachers and mothers boast that the platform has made them rich. Its 3.2 million content creators typically sell explicit images and videos for a monthly subscription fee, plus one-off payments, keeping 80% of the sales. OnlyFans takes the rest – a cut that yielded almost $1.1 billion in revenue in 2022, its latest financial disclosures show.

Those subscriptions – effectively, a paywall around nearly every OnlyFans creator – make the site difficult to scrutinize. Most content is inaccessible to non-subscribers and therefore harder to find and monitor compared to platforms such as Facebook or X.

This can impede investigations of alleged child abuse on OnlyFans, said Matt W.J. Richardson, a child exploitation investigator with the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, a U.S. nonprofit whose work includes identifying illegal content online. “It’s really hard to know specifically or exactly how much is on there,” he said.

Visitors to OnlyFans.com can only search for creators by their account names; they cannot search by interest category. This makes creators heavily dependent on popular social media sites to drive traffic to their OnlyFans accounts.

Some predators also use these mainstream sites to find minors to exploit on OnlyFans, police records show.

That’s how Diaz, the New Jersey man, allegedly ensnared the Florida girl. Reuters retraced her journey to OnlyFans from interviews with detectives, court records, police reports and bodycam footage. It began on Snapchat, a popular online hangout for teens, where she caught Diaz’s eye.

He opened with a deception.

The girl had been posting naked photos of herself on Snapchat. Diaz messaged her in February 2023, posing as a woman who – with a boyfriend’s help – had made lots of money selling such photos. Did the girl want to meet him?

Diaz then introduced himself as the boyfriend, messaging her under his own name. He gained her trust. He bought her a cell phone and told her she was beautiful, said St. Johns County Sheriff’s Detective Edward Scoggins, who investigated the case. Before long, the detective recalled, Diaz said he loved her and wanted to be with her forever.

Such tactics are often used by “Romeo pimps” who use “love bombing” and gifts to “manipulate somebody into doing things they wouldn’t otherwise do,” said Scoggins.

Again: why can’t these empowered women control their own actions?

Are they empowered, or is all of their behavior shaped against their will by men?

Diaz enticed the girl into making hardcore videos featuring masturbation and sex toys and then sold them on an OnlyFans account he controlled, police say. The girl also posted sexual content of herself to the account, allegedly under Diaz’s direction.

Then, on April 30 last year, Diaz flew in from New Jersey to film himself having sex with her. Porn with two people was “more desirable” on OnlyFans than videos of her solo, he told the girl. He picked her up in a white Tesla and drove her to an Airbnb 15 minutes from her home. He took her shopping and bought her lingerie, jewelry and shoes, according to Scoggins and police photos of the items and receipts.

When sheriff’s deputies discovered them at the Airbnb, Diaz had already filmed six sex videos with the girl, prosecutors said. He was arrested before he could post them on OnlyFans.

Still, over about three months in 2023, Diaz was able to post as many as 100 images and videos of the girl on the site, Scoggins said.

Diaz evaded controls meant to hold account holders responsible for their own content, according to Scoggins and a review of OnlyFans policies. Under OnlyFans current rules, would-be creators must provide at least nine pieces of personally identifying information and documents, including bank details, a selfie while holding a government photo ID, and – in the United States – a social security number. All this is verified by human judgment and age-estimation technology that analyzes the selfie, says the company.

But Diaz set up an account and had another woman verify it as hers, Scoggins said. That woman, whom police didn’t identify, later quit OnlyFans. But her account remained live and accessible to Diaz. He filled it with videos of the girl and promoted the content on Snapchat and Discord, a messaging service popular with gamers, to draw customers to her OnlyFans page. He made about $10,000 from all three platforms, Scoggins said, and paid the girl $1,500.

A Snapchat spokesperson said the platform’s “robust measures” make it “difficult for teens to be discovered and contacted by strangers.” A Discord spokesperson said “child-harm content” had no place on the platform. Neither commented specifically on the case.

Diaz is awaiting trial in state court, charged with human trafficking, multiple counts of promoting a sexual performance by a child and other crimes. In a statement, James Hill, his Florida lawyer, noted that Diaz was “only 21” when arrested. “From the date of his arrest, he has been aggressively fighting these charges against him,” Hill added. “He is, by law, presumed innocent.”

If found guilty of the charges, Diaz faces a mandatory life sentence.

Meanwhile, the girl has been left scarred, the family told the state attorney’s office. “No physical injuries,” a family member said in a written statement, “but emotional trauma.”

Stephen King is apparently totally based now, by the way:

I’ve called for “abolishing the age of consent” and replacing it with “consummating marriage after first menstruation.” This prevents me from actually having to say a specific age.

But you see, Stephen King wrote The Stand. He dgaf. So he’s just like “10.”