Outrage: Boston Students Asked to List Positive Effects of Colonization of Africa

This issue of “positive effects of colonialism” is coming up a lot in the UK lately, because a lot of brown people are saying that it is nonsensical to teach that everything about colonialism was evil.

In schools in every former colony, they teach that colonialism had “positives and negatives” like everything else that happens in history. Britain brought all of these brown people from foreign colonies into their country, now their kids are going to school and learning that colonialism was pure evil, and brown people are complaining.

The Nigerian “equalities minister” of the UK recently said that the portrayal of the British Empire is childish and dumb.

For white people though, everything that white people ever did in all of history was just pure evil.

You’re not even allowed to think about the possibility that white people ever did anything good.

New York Post:

A homework assignment at a Massachusetts high school has drawn outrage for being racist after it asked students to list the “positive effects of imperialism.”

Calla Walsh tweeted a photo of the history assignment early Tuesday to her 17,000 followers after her 15-year-old freshman sister, Cece, was tasked to read a text on the colonization of Africa and then list both the “negative” and beneficial effects of imperialism.

Forcing students into the mental exercise of justifying/rationalizing genocide because of its supposed ‘positive effects’ itself perpetuates genocide and indoctrinate them into supporting an imperial war machine,” Calla Walsh wrote.

Cece attends Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, a public institution in one of the “most progressive cities” in the US, her sister said.

Calla’s initial tweet went viral, racking up more than 20,000 retweets and more than 180,000 likes as of Wednesday. Cece, meanwhile, showed her displeasure directly on the worksheet, leaving the “positive effects” section blank.

“I think that asking us to identify positives of imperialism, something that killed thousands and contributed to slavery, is extremely undermining and disrespectful to people whose ancestors were murdered because of colonization,” the freshman wrote.

Cece Walsh told the Boston Globe she got upset because the assignment appeared to downplay the killing of Africans and the pillaging of their lands and resources by using phrases about how the Europeans “obtained land” or merely “took control” of colonies.

“It was very biased and it didn’t really give us the truth,” Cece told the newspaper. “The positive effects are often only positive for the oppressors … Teachers need to be aware of what texts they’re choosing to present to students.”

The assertion that without colonialism, blacks would be doing anything different than they were doing 10,000 years ago is dumb and baseless.

Of course, you could argue that blacks were healthier in their natural environment, and white people were wrong to meddle with that. I would probably agree with that. But that is not what anti-colonialists are saying. These people will literally tell you that Africans – who never invented the wheel – would be MORE technologically developed now if it wasn’t for colonialism.

It’s just more nonsense.

Lia Thomas is a brave woman who just practiced really hard, the Ukraine is beating Russia, coronavirus is a deadly pandemic, and Africans were on the verge of developing a highly technological society before white people came in and ruined everything.