Oxford University to Give Higher Marks to Blacks Because of Slavery and George Floyd

Under pressure from a Woke student body, Oxford University has announced that it will now be giving higher marks to blacks to compensate them for the trauma of slavery and George Floyd.

Daily Mail:

Oxford University students who feel the ‘traumatic effect of the brutality’ of¬†George Floyd’s death made them do worse in exams can apply for mitigating circumstances considerations.

The announcement by vice-Chancellor professor Louise Richardson followed pressure from campaigners at the university who claim the horrific video of Floyd’s last moments had a lasting impact on black students.

Because of special scientific reasons, which the university does not elaborate on because unschooled plebs like you and me wouldn’t be able to understand them, it seems that watching a hardened criminal being brought to justice for his crimes has a traumatic effect on the negro brain and causes it to stop working correctly.

For that reason, negroes will now receive more “lenient marking.”

White students will also be forced to study scientific books and theories created by brown people, even if they’re not as good as the ones created by white people.

Following the outcry, the university vowed to ensure it’s degrees educated pupils on colonialism.

Faculties given grants to help them increase diversity in their syllabus’ are the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences.

Professor Richardson said in a letter to the university’s student union: ‘Many departments in social sciences have begun work on making their curriculum more inclusive and adding diverse voices to it.

‘This includes steps such as integrating race and gender questions into topics, embedding teaching on colonialism and empire into courses, changing reading lists to ensure substantial representation of a diverse range of voices, and ensuring better coverage of issues concerning the global South in syllabuses.’

Concerns have been raised that crap African science may have unfortunate implications if applied in the real world, such as causing planes to plummet out of the sky, crops to fail and nuclear reactors to explode. Proponents of “Diverse Science,” however, have insisted that these concerns are held only by racists and therefore do not count.

Meanwhile, pupils at an elite British fee-paying school have complained that they are not being given enough anti-white brainwashing material. Teachers have retorted with claims that their curriculum is already full of material designed to instill a sense of guilt into white children. But the children insist they want to hate their own race even more and need more Blame Whitey propaganda in order to do it.