Oxford to Students: “Stop Being a Non-Racist and Start Being an Anti-Racist”

It’s not enough to never ever do the Hitler salute.

You must do the Wakanda salute.

Daily Mail:

Oxford undergraduates are being told that simply not being racist ‘isn’t good enough’ and they must be prepared to take action on the issue.

The revelation from a workshop at St Hugh’s College comes amid growing scrutiny about anti-racism training across the university, which critics say does not work.

While not mandatory, students were told they were ‘expected to make time’ to attend the It’s About Race event.

Attendees were shown a series of slides during the session last month.

Under the heading ‘Be an anti-racist’ on one slide, they were told: ‘Are you racist? “No” isn’t a good enough answer.’

The slide stated: ‘We need to… stop thinking that injustice going on in the world isn’t to an extent are [sic] fault’, adding: ‘Stop being a non-racist and start being an anti-racist.’ 

Another slide encouraged a ‘commitment to action’, asking the question: ‘What is your individual contribution/commitment/pledge to tackle inequality and racism?

Such courses are meant to question ingrained attitudes.

Yeah, man. What are you, personally, doing to tackle racism and slavery?

Nothing, huh?

Then you’re really no better than Adolf Hitler himself.

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