Oz: Government Investigates Islamic Schools for Rampant Fraud and Un-Australian Activities  

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2015


The Federal Department of Education is targeting just about every Islamic school in the country owing to a disturbing but otherwise predictable trend of dishonesty, official deceit, and a treasonous curriculum.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that “all six schools” (Six? Is that a typo with missing zeroes? HP) have been commissioned for an audit by Education Minister Christopher Pyne so as “to get to the bottom of these matters.”

Christopher Pyne is a nerdy pint-sized conservative twerp in a sleazy party that’s otherwise courting Muslims for vote potential. He told media, “I’m concerned with allegations reported in the media in relation to curriculum, gender segregation, senior staff movements and financial transactions. We want to be confident that schools operate in the best interests of their students.”

How about acting in the best interests of Australians and closing down all Islamic schools? How about taking that extra step and expelling all followers of Islam from this sunburnt country? Ah, to dream, to dream…

These six state-sponsored terror-camps and Islamic indoctrination centres apparently receive a mind-muddling $45 million from the fair dinkum Aussie taxpayer every year — something the nanny state worshipping SMH even reports as “some of the highest levels of taxpayer funding in the country.”

Each of these shakedown schools is affiliated with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which is the big nugget in Islamic education throughout the nation, and in recent years has been shown to be a bunch of sandal-wearing crooks.

Under the AFIC’s watch the Malek Fahd Islamic School in Greenacre, in Sydney’s south-west had to pay back a whopping $9 million to the NSW government because it was funnelling the money back to the AFIC, which is probably donating it to ISIS.

This clipjoint for the global caliphate is now so desperate it’s going after former disgruntled pupils to reclaim “unpaid school fees” to make up for the money that’s probably already been spent on roadside landmines for Syrian terrorists.

One of these kid’s father laughed at the school’s claims that the student was expelled for underachieving in a school where the only achievement is failure. But the Muslim management won’t rest until the kid coughs up $490 in fees that were obviously wasted to begin with if indeed they’re even owed.

But it appears whenever the word “Islamic” comes before “school” some sort of shiftiness is in play. That goes for the Islamic College of Brisbane, the Islamic College of Melbourne, and Islamic College of South Australia followed by the Islamic Schools of Canberra and Langford Islamic College in Western Australia.

These fundamentalist funding syndicates have all been sent letters demanding they provide “full and free access” to all their financial records, which means that someone from the schools named Fadi or Achmed is already on a special assignment to find the cheapest shredding machine he can get his hands on.

Aside from ripping off the taxpayer, the students, and any other entity that comes within five miles of their half-crescent crest, the schools have been criticised for their teaching methods, what they teach, how they teach it and the segregation of the sexes. But it’s the money that matters most.

Hilariously, the SMH story reports how a former teacher claims the school was so poor after paying off the Arab mafia of the AFIC that they had to “cut stamps out of used envelopes and reuse them.”

Indeed, the corruption and poverty in these schools beautly matches that of the stinking Islamic rat-holes they mirror. It’s ironic, really. But best yet, it’s just another tick in our favour on the great scoreboard of us Nationalists VS Diversity.

School staff has voiced concerns, the students have complained, and despite lacking the most basic things like toilet seats for the student lavatories (probably), they’ve been sucking top dollar from the muggins’ taxpayer, and governments who’re either incompetent or dodgy enough to fund them in the first place.

Meanwhile, in the same liberal press, they’re condemning the United Patriot Front for suggesting that there is something the matter with Muslims living in Australia.