Oz: Whackjobs Introduce Stalinist Program Encouraging People Tattle on Racists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 25, 2015

What sort of sick goyim would do a racism on these totally equal victims?
What sort of sick goyim would do a racism on these totally equal victims?

You see, goyim.  If you do a racism on a non-White, you will cause their feelings to be hurt, and there is no way a society can sustain itself with a bunch of people having hurt feelings.

Your duty now is not only to not hurt the feelings, but to stop others from hurting the feelings by reporting them to the police.

Herald Sun:

Inner-city residents are being urged to dob in racists after an inquiry showed a large minority of people believe some multicultural groups don’t fit into Australian society.

The City of Darebin is the first municipality to become a “reporting place” for racism in co-operation with local police and the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

It revealed that Aborigines suffered the most racism and to a slightly lesser extent black Africans, who “discovered ‘being black’ upon coming to Australia”.

Muslims also faced high levels of discrimination, particularly women wearing headscarves, who were called “nappy-heads” and sometimes faced abuse in shops, on streets, in parks and on public transport.

The Darebin Racism Inquiry triggered an anti-racism plan, which has led to the council area being the first to become a racism reporting place under a new trial.

Victims or witnesses of racism are encouraged to report incidents at places including Preston Customer Service, certain police stations, the equal opportunity commission and the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service.

Former Darebin mayor Cr Gaetano Greco was reluctant to dub it a dob-in-a-racist campaign.

“I wouldn’t use those words but it’s basically asking people to take a stand against racism,” he said.

“If people see racism in the street that’s being inflicted on people then they’re encouraged to report it.”

lol @ “inflicting” racism.  What a strange word choice.

“Dob” is apparently a word meaning “report,” by the way.