Pack Your Bags, Blacks: This is the Year of Return!

Daily Stormer
August 26, 2019

The solution to the problem of racism has been found. It is for each race to live in a land of its own, among its own kind.

The credit for this important discovery – more accurately rediscovery, since certain famous, or even infamous, people in the past had already made it – goes to Ghana.

To help solve the global problem of people of different races not really liking each other very much, Ghana has this year instituted the Year of Return, welcoming negroes of the slave diaspora to the ancestral home they were thrown out of by their fellow blacks (90% of negro slaves were captured and processed by other blacks).


Having vowed to quit the US after being the victim of what he believed was a racially motivated arrest by police officers, African American Obadele Kambon relocated to Ghana in 2008 – and has never looked back.

Mr Kambon has now built a successful life in the place that was once at the heart of the slave trade, and enjoys the freedom which, he says, was denied to him in the US, his birthplace.

He says he no longer looks over his shoulder, worrying that police will pull him over or, worse still, kill his son.

Since moving to Ghana, he has noticed that he no longer feels he is a victim of racial profiling or racial abuse.

He points out that his friend felt likewise when he relocated, and quipped: “Wow, this is what it must feel like to be a white person in America, just to be able to live without worrying that something is going to happen to you.”

Looking at these returning blacks, many of them seem more tawny than black. Some of the local blacks actually call them “whites” lol. They obviously have had an admixture of white genes from one of their ancestors having been raped by a white master. Gobineau held that the rape of enslaved women was one of the key drivers of racial degeneration that caused a master race to lose its edge and decline towards mediocrity. This may be true from the white perspective, but from the negro perspective the influx of white genes can only be an improvement. Once let loose in Africa, those white genes could spread like a healing balm through a wounded continent, sowing peace where there was war, harmony where there was discord, plenty where there was want. All efforts to civilize Africa have hitherto failed; but the strategy of genetic improvement has never seriously been attempted.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about reparations for slavery. There should be reparations for slavery. America and the West have appropriated Africa’s vast human capital. And it should be returned – with interest. Reparations should take the form of a free one-way ticket to Kangland, along with a substantial cash payment to serve as inducement and help the negroes resettle. Some people might object to giving blacks money, but, trust me, it will pay for itself many times over. Give a nig $10,000 to go back; you will save 10 times that in court, police and incarceration costs alone.

Any black of any pride or decency will jump at this chance. Why would you want to be a despised nigga in Whiteland when you can stride like a Kang in Africa?

Unfortunately, however, many blacks lack basic pride or decency. They need to be helped. That is why White preservationists should get fully behind this movement. Create fake nigga accounts on Twitter and start pushing the Great Return, memeing it into the negro consciousness. Put up posters celebrating the Year of Return and Back2Africa. Make them look real. We need to help these people make the right choice.