Pakistan: US-Backed Revolutionary Government Charges MPGA Leader with Terrorism for Rocking Casbah

Imran Khan is the single most handsome, intelligent, and charismatic person in Pakistan. He should be the leader of the country.

He is also a populist, combining traditional Islamic views with a progressive economic and technological agenda in a way that fits the spirit of the country.

He is basically the Paki Donald Trump.

He was overthrown by US-backed revolutionary terrorists because he understood that the best thing for Pakistan’s future is an alliance with China.

Now they are claiming he’s the terrorist…!

Because Sharif didn’t like it when he rocked the casbah…!


Police in Islamabad have filed terrorism charges against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, after crowds of his supporters rioted outside a courthouse in the Pakistani capital. Khan was due to appear at the court on Saturday to answer corruption charges.

You can charge any politician in the world with “corruption.”

Since 1/6, you can apparently accuse any politician of terrorism for having enthusiastic supporters.

Khan, along with more than a dozen officials in his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and scores of his supporters, were charged with a litany of offenses, including rioting, obstruction, assault on police officers, arson, intimidation, and acts of terrorism, Pakistan’s The Nation newspaper reported on Sunday.

The charges stemmed from a riot outside the Islamabad Judicial Complex on Saturday, in which protesters hurled rocks and fire bombs at police as they waited for Khan to arrive at the building. A dozen police vehicles were burned, and officers responded with tear gas.

More than 50 officers were injured, and 59 of Khan’s supporters were arrested, the Associated Press reported.

Police raided Khan’s residence in Lahore earlier on Saturday, shortly after he left for the court date in Islamabad. A crowd of the former PM’s supporters attempted to block police from carrying out the raid, leading to clashes and 30 arrests. The raid was not the first on Khan’s home, and the former leader previously accused authorities of attempting to arrest and execute him.

MPGA is much more hardcore than MAGA.

Khan never entered the courtroom on Saturday. In a video message to supporters, he claimed that police fired tear gas at his vehicle, preventing him from stepping outside. The judge postponed his hearing until March 31.

A former cricketer, Khan became prime minister of Pakistan in 2018 but was ousted in 2022. He is accused by the state of unlawfully selling official gifts given to him by foreign dignitaries during his tenure. Khan claims that the corruption charges are politically motivated and aimed at preventing him from returning to power.

Khan built economic and diplomatic relations with Russia and China during his time in office, and he has since claimed that his removal was orchestrated by the US with the goal of installing a more compliant leader.

Despite his ongoing legal drama, Khan is the most popular political leader in Pakistan, with an approval rating of 61%, according to a Gallup poll taken earlier this month. Current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif sits at 32%.

Khanists could easily just overthrow the government and put him back in power, all things being equal.

But all things are not equal, given that Sharif is an agent of ZOG’s “Anal Empire” project, and therefore has access to MIND WEAPONS.

I guess the good news is that color revolutions now only work in Pakistan and other shitholes like the Ukraine. They don’t work in serious places like Hong Kong or Russia.

I’m think of releasing an emo folk song in the style of Bon Iver about Khan’s struggles.